Rainbow Six Extraction Final Preview

Rainbow Six Extraction is built from Siege’s DNA but seems to be missing some of the best key strands. 

Jordan got to spend 6 hours of hands on time with Rainbow Six Extraction playing two maps located in San Francisco and New York. One stand…

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  1. I feel like your whole complaint about not being able to impact the map isn't a detriment of the game, but a lack of preparedness on your team's part. It seems like they don't want everyone just blasting everything apart like a Siege map, but having to bring the gear they want for the tactics they want to use. If you want to be breaching, bring a breacher.

  2. Oh man… I loved the Rainbow Six: Vegas series and wish they'd stick to something like that. The character customization was wicked.

  3. It sounds like you don’t know how to play siege at all, it can be stealth but it’s tactical not stealth dependant, also it sound like you don’t have good aim if you need shotguns for a flawless push

  4. This would bomb so badly on release if it wasn't for GamePass. It'll die off in February when Dying Light 2 and Elden Ring come out. But I'll pew pew some alien things while doing generic tasks for a few days.

  5. Lady, I appreciate the review, but… If you can't see that the developers made this game to be a strategy, not a mindless shooter, there is something wrong. You raised some valid points that were things the developers could've done better on. Other than that I don't see an issue with this game

  6. I feel like the reviewer in this video was just telling us the whole time how it's not Siege and I get that but there's a load of us who don't ever wanna play it for certain reasons. I'm still very excited about this game and can't wait for it

  7. Rainbow is so far from what made it special in the beginning. No tactical realistic anti terrorism missions. It’s alien zombies and an overrated multiplayer game. Looks like Ubisoft knows these types of game are great for little kids. Like all you fools who worship Siege.

  8. It shouldn’t have been classed as a Tom Clancy game.. but the concept of the game does look pretty decent should have been a completely different ip all together and have different operators

  9. Enjoying Aliens Fire Team Elite, i was hoping this would be a more refined version of that. But this looks a little more tactically inclined, less fun abilities. I hope Red Fall hits the sweet spot.

  10. Wow. Literally a dumbed down version of Left4Dead. We should have have mulitple levels of travel when moving plus the enemies should attack from every direction instead of just a plain run at you pattern

  11. I think throne would be good for rainbow Six extraction also maybe at a later date if not now. Hopefully they add in holiday events aswell it would sort of like on Halloween you could have one or 2 or more operators be taken and mutated and everyone has find cure be the rest are taken and mutated and that operator would be locked and you that operator.

  12. This is easily one of the worst written reviews I have had the displeasure of listening to. You need to learn how to critique a game without constantly comparing it to its PVP parent. They're clearly not the same game. Stop comparing the two.

  13. I feel like just continuously comparing this to Siege is unfair to the game. The game isn't called "Rainbow Six Siege: Extraction", it is Rainbow Six Extraction. They are being smart by spinning off their immensely popular game, with the same characters but it is a horde/pve shooter, not a competitive shooter. The game looks fun, and it looks like a fun spin on the horde shooter genre. At only $40 even if you don't have gamepass it looks like it'll be worth the money. Don't go in expecting siege and it looks like we won't be disappointed.

  14. I always appreciate your reviews, but it’s kind of obnoxious that you keep comparing to Siege when it’s a different game. You even acknowledge it’s not fair to compare the two, but continue to do so. You said the word ‘Siege’ more times than I can count.

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