PS Plus February Games Revealed… Let The Crumpocalypse Begin | GameSpot News

In today’s episode of GameSpot News, Persia talks about February’s PS Plus games, the next few Call Of Duty’s releasing on PlayStation, and more.

Video Notes:
The February PS Plus line-up will include EA Sports UFC 4, Planet Coaster:…

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  2. It’s fine having call of duty exclusive to xbox if xbox didn’t buy them they would of went out of business and there would be no more call of duty games for anyone as you can see Microsoft acts rich Sony acts poor Sony wasn’t going to buy them anyways Sony is afraid to give free plus games for free to keep and own Sony is afraid to put first party games on PS Now their afraid to give points with don’t rewards playing games earn a ? 50 points like xbox Sony doesn’t like rewarding they don’t feel so rich as Microsoft does once you buy a game from PlayStation they won’t refund you but xbox will that just shows me Microsoft is richer then PlayStation 68 billion dollars I agree is a lot of money

  3. for someone with all 3 platforms. i'd prefer cod to stay on all 3 platforms. it will be beneficial for the franchise, Xbox and Actishit to have a the fan base stay on their console of choice, Especially whe the Majority of the players are on PlayStation (apparently 70+ Million users last year alone were on PS, imagine if each player would have bought the new MW22, Xbox would be losing Billions of Dollars.)

  4. MW 2019…. If it had the proper 3 year support, then release BOCW….. You would've seen a ode to COD when it was 2007-2012. The best time.

  5. You should do equivalent videos for Stadia Pro. I've read some articles saying that Stadia's Pro games are actually better than PS+ for February. That and they're giving 7 games not 3.

  6. You don't spend 70 billion dollars and then remove 60% of your player base. Its a long term strat to get these casual ps players into the xbox garden. Real gamers don't care about COD

  7. Too little too late about annual cod releases. They should have been done this but Activision money hungry and now they running out of ideas.

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