Pokémon Legends: Arceus Review

Pokémon Legends: Arceus is a significant reimagining of what makes a Pokémon game, with an exciting level of flexibility that’s only slightly hampered by a slow early-game grind.

Game Freak and Nintendo’s Pokémon Legends: Arceus will be…

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  1. Hey All! Thank you so much for checking out our video review. I wanted to note a few things:

    You might notice some parts of the frame on certain shots had to be blurred, or that there are a lot of gameplay clips that are repeated. This is due to Nintendo's particularly strict embargo which dictated we could only show certain "approved" Pokemon, areas, quests, or even characters. As the video editor, I would have loved to show you guys so much more of the gameplay I captured so far but this is just the nature of the industry! What I can say is that after launch we will be able to show so much more, so DEFINITELY stay tuned cause we got some great content for Pokemon coming your way!

    I personally have been having a blast playing and I hope you guys do too!

  2. As a 3D environment artist this game makes me mad. I’ve been developing games since the switch’s launch and it’s been a struggle some times to make games run on such an underpowered hardware, but with a lot of work most of the time we made them run and they look good! But seen such a massive company doing such a poor job it’s really infuriating. They have the recurses but they lack passion. I work for a small company but we care about the things we made . We put our time, our talent and heart on everything we make. It’s sad that people justify this game based on promises and hopes of one day receiving an improved version or “it’s a step on the right direction “ and not seen the game as a quick cash grab without heart nor passion

  3. When throwing a pokéball, does the game allow for precision controls by moving the Switch/joycons themselves? Similar to how you can aim with the bow in BotW.

  4. I don’t feel it’s fair to blame the hardware for the look of the game, especially in the same breath as you mention BotW. I feel the look of the game is less a technical issue and more a failing of Game Freak from and artistic perspective.

  5. Hello, Humans.
    The name Milky Way derives from the Greek “galaxías kýklos” or “milky circle” due to its appearance as a dim milky band in the sky.


  6. The game’s performance struggles shouldn’t be blamed on “hardware limitations”. We should be able to call it what it really is without the sugarcoating. There are other games on this console that are more visually striking while offering much larger open worlds than what is on offer here and yet they run just fine.

  7. The games performance doesn't have to do with the switch hardware, it has to do with the lack of optimization by the game devs who rushed the game out instead of waiting a year

  8. Ngl this is my favourite instalment so far so for since they added so much to do other than become strong and stop crime syndicate, instead they went for a different plot

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