Pokémon Legends: Arceus – Gameplay Preview Breakdown

Watch this new extended gameplay footage of Pokémon Legends: Arceus for a sneak peek at what awaits you in the Hisui region.

Check out this new gameplay preview ahead of the release of #PokemonLegendsArceus on Friday, 28 January!

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  1. really sad the direction pokemon has gone. Ruby, sapphire, fire red, leaf green, black + white.. amazing games. Sword and shield were terrible in comparison. And this looks like more of that.

  2. Why do textures look so off?, at 0:48 the trees just stop and the the field of view looks horrible lol, we all know form BOTW that Nintendo can make a beautiful world.

  3. A cash-in that looks like a BotW reskin. This cash-in is from a company that is notorious for cutting corners on quality and removing features to rush the product out rather than delay it(only to then charge you later for those cut features as overpriced dlc). This looks like it needs more time in the oven. Im expecting an open world with little to do and extremely repetitive gameplay. I'll wait and see the finished product before even considering another game from this company.

  4. i got high hopes for this game. the gameplay seems so cool, and i did nothing but smile throughout this entire video. growing from the small red and blue to this type of thing is insane. the kid in my is going insane right now, i do hope for a more lively experience throughout the world, which was kinda not shown in this, but either way i'll enjoy it so much.


  5. I’ve got to be honest I just the love the simple gen one games and that’s why let’s go pikachu was just so much more fun that the recent pokemon I’ve played

  6. I already feel sorry for every poor soul buying this obviously not finished/thought out game. I might be wrong here but the chance that I'am is low from what I've seen so far…

    Plain area, dead npcs, almost no trainer battles?, Repetitive tasks, a mixture of Pokemon snap with RPG elements.

  7. I’m just waiting too people stream it and review it,The graphics looks bad and i’ll agree that the world doesn’t look very lively,Imo you really shouldn’t compare this game to BOTW,wonder how many people are going to be asking for there money back.

  8. This, is the worst thing I have ever seen. I have been a pokemon player since I was like 10 almost 20 years, I get that games need to evolve, that doesn't mean you should change the core of the game. There are too many things about this for me to list all the things I think are wrong with it.

  9. The turn base system looks like from Final Fantasy 10. When you use quick hit moves you move your other turn earlier allowing you to attack twice in a row. When you pick a move that deals heavy damage, it delays your next turn and gives the opponent a chance to attack twice in a row, which I kinda like that they incorporated it here. Makes it more challenging, like if the Pokemon does not indeed die form that move, you know you've F*cked up! 🙂

  10. How hard is it to make a pokemon game that's open world like breath of the wild except it has pokemon and side quests and ancient fossils you can find I just hate that they could have done so much better by making it fully open world and instead they split it up instead of blending it and making it an adventure like skyrim but with pokemon would have been so much more fun they need somebody who can actually bring some good ideas to the table I mean it's nice that they changed it up but they should have set a new standard they aren't lacking the money needed to do so that's forsure

  11. The graphics look archaic. The world looks like it is a big open box they forgot to fill. Couple trees here, and a couple of pokemon here that path in a small circle. The birds that get "scared off" don't even fly, but rather run around in a small circle. I wish a different company had the rights to make pokemon games. Put it in unreal engine 5 and give it to Insomniac to make.

  12. This still looks like a rushed rough draft especially the frames because the graphics to me feel worse then some of the 3ds pokemon games which shouldn't be happening if they got the graphics right and got more pokemon interacting and such like putting some things you see in pokemon snap in It could do good but it also does need have a lot of missions otherwise it could get old fast

  13. hey there just letting you know not to have ANY expectations for this game. Those days of coming back home from school as a kid and playing in this golden era are long over. Its all about the money now, sorry bud.

  14. Pokémon Legends: Arceus is very different from the other past Pokemon games because sometime a trainer need to dodge a wild Pokemon's attack instead the usual Pokemon battle to weaken a wild Pokemon before catching it. Watch some of the video on YouTube of how to dodge even the legendary Pokemon like Palkia, Dialga, Giratina and Arceus is really hard ?as it reminds me one of Nintendo sitch games like Zelda and Mario.

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