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PlayStation VR 2 Reactions And Holiday Break Games | GI Show

We’re back with 2022’s first episode of The Game Informer Show! This week, we’re breaking down our thoughts on the PlayStation VR 2 and Horizon Call of the Mountain, along with catching you up with all the games we’ve been playing over the…

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  1. Good talk, but Stadniks Horizon sidequest critique feels odd especially in context of his Goty Halo Infinite, which offers an boring samey world and only boring samey sidequests.

  2. I'm a huge fan of Death Stranding, and gameplay, story, and characters. When I got back into it for the Director's Cut; is amazed how many items are still in the game. I didn't really care for Metal Gear Solid 5; so I was totally surprised in just how much I loved this game.

    Funny; I put the zip lines up on the mountains. I didn't do screenshots, but I did stream it, so it's all on my channel.

  3. Pointless psvr2 discussion… and no, back compat almost impossible due to the different controllers. They would need to have an emulator middleware, and if so it would be a waste. Psvr 2 will definitely,y be the tech to beat… and the haptics meant to help with motion sickness, which it the serious problem that stops vr being mainstream. EDIT of course the real issue is PSVR2 wont need the camera… and indeed the new PS5 camera doesn't even work with PSVR. Only option really are patched versions at best

  4. WTF!? There are real VR games, not just VR experiences. I highly recommend these games for the people who are on the fence of getting some VR gear. If PS4 PSVR games will be playable on the PS5 VR thing, then it's a no brainer to jump in now:
    Resident Evil VII (a must play if you are serious about VR gaming)
    Beat Saber (no brainer)
    Tetris Effect
    Everybody's Golf VR
    Super Hot VR
    Firewall Zero Hour
    The American Dream
    Doom VFR (the 2016 Doom spinoff game, it's really goooood!)
    Doom 3 VR Edition (I can play it just fine but a buddy of mine got sick pretty fast from it)

    honorable mentions:
    Here They Lie (this one made me sick a little)
    Driveclub VR (this made me super sick but you might like it if you are into cars)

    some of these games support the aim controller and it's super cool with that! These are full games, not some experiences like that Batman VR game.

  5. Anyone who says Vr games are still tech demos clearly doesn’t play VR. Please get some VR savvy people on for future VR talk.

  6. My break games were Grounded, Monster Train, and now I'm playing Monster Sanctuary, which is like Pokemon but actually good lol.

  7. Rather than short experiences. I hope to see more PSVR2 games that play like longer more full traditional games. I loved plying Resident Evil Biohazard in VR. It would be cool if Village got a VR update.

  8. I have to hard disagree with the opinions on horizon I got so sucked into that game and the world and the gameplay 💯🙏 the sliding slomo and jumping slomo shooting was so amazing and fun I missed slo mo shooting in games

  9. Welcome into 2022 with the GI crew. Great episode to start the new year. Watching the GI show reminds me of playing Marvel ultimate alliance, mix and match with GI staff and this group has really good chemistry.

  10. Love your guys’ show so much! Everyone on here is so hilarious and you guys remind me every episode why I love games and talking about games lol

  11. i love my psvr so excited for the next one its a massive step up..its sad none of you had the missed out..even for it being dated the games are really amazing and to this days the quest store isnt no where as good

  12. Walking Dead Saints and Sinners, Hitman1-3, Astrobot, SprintVector, Wipeout, Trevor Saves the World, borderlands 2, Doom3, Skyrim, Moss, IronMan are all whole games. Half Life Alyx is kinda overrated, so it is always kinda weird when everybody cites only that game, but hopefully it will get ported to PSVR2 so lots of people can just feel ok about buying into VR.

  13. In regards BOTW and Horizon conversation, the same thing about traversal in Horizon can be said about BOTW. I spent maybe 10-15% on a horse in BOTW because its useless it was better to craft speed potions than using a horse, also yeah climbing everything is cool but not when 90% of stuff climbed means nothing basically another high area I can paraglide from. Take Zelda out of BOTW and it isn't that great.

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