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Sony responds to Xbox/Activision news, says games will stay multiplatform for now, Call Of Duty: Vanguard and Warzone Pacific Season 2 delayed, and despite Call Of Duty’s new anti-cheat efforts, hackers are flying cars in Warzone

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  1. This is the last stages of cod ? it’s been dying slowly for years! I hope it goes exclusive because that will be the end of the franchise

  2. So what's everybody thought about this all situation is that Microsoft just simply spent money for absolutely no reason, and it will never have any priority over all the franchises that he just spent a decent amount of money (NEARLY 69 BILLION DOLLARS!).
    I really wonder if Sony was the one that bought Acti/Blizz or any other 3rd party studio, i really wonder if everyone would have said the same things.
    Spoiler: NO!
    And the thing that makes me angry the most and people still didn't get it, if you want to play Acti/Blizz games that will eventualy become exclusive…YOU DON'T NEED TO BUY AN ACTUAL XBOX SERIES X/S ECC… Because all those games will be on Game Pass on day one. You can play those just paying the Game Pass, Which make A LOT of difference!

  3. About time they join forces Xbox and PlayStation I need end rivory focus on the players and the gamers at heart because this gaming industry been destroyed because of the pandemic you don't need to destroy each other in the process

  4. Xbox will keep it multiplatform for a long while. Cod has such a deep revenue pool that no company will want to lose especially since it has such a large audience, you dont want to devalue something you just purchased. Maybe the next gen after PS5 & XSX it will be an exclusive.

  5. I’m a Xbox pc guy and I don’t care about cod I want WoW to do good again and I’m hopeful having Microsoft at there back with that extra money will make it good again

  6. Sony needs to come up with something like "game pass" real quick.
    This all reminds me of Netflix coming to moving and everyone who wanted the "old way" movies hated on it for monthly fee but never owning the movie. Now Netflix is huge and everyone making their own netfilx.
    Sony needs games pass very quick or Microsoft will end up eating everything they have worked 4 in last 4 year eat up

  7. The flying cars in warzone being called Harry Potter cars make me feel old. The reference that would have been used before would have been Back to the Future for sure….?

  8. This will be no different to the Zenimax deal. MS will honor any existing contract obligations. They will provide ongoing support for any games that already exist like ESO. Any new games after the merger will be Microsoft gaming platform exclusive. That doesn’t mean that if Jim Ryan signed off on Game Pass coming to PlayStation that those games cannot return to the platform.

  9. the main difference between Sony and Microsoft besides Money… Sony builds Exclusives, Xbox steals them. I think the only franchise Sony have blocked is Spider-man from Insomniac (Sony own's the rights to Digital Spider-Man, So they technically had his games already), every other game was built on Sony and has either stayed on Sony or become Multiplat like Crash Bandicoot and Death Stranding (then the ones going to PC). With Xbox, Only small indie tiles have moved to Sony after apearing on Xbox like Cuphead… And now Xbox is taking away IPs to make them Exclusive.

  10. I see everyone saying that "oooo cod is an xbox exclusive" but I dont think that's happening. I think that any single player or local co-op game will be exclusive but big multiplayer games such as cod will still be on playstation, otherwise that would be a large amount of players cut off from the games they want and I really doubt that would go very well

  11. I feel blessed to not even be remotely bothered with whatever happens. All I play is older games, it's like a "good" new game after about 2015ish is nearly impossible – other than red dead 2

  12. Yeah let’s pretend as if CoD does not need PlayStation to be the number one shooter, while more than 40% of CoD players are on PlayStation. Ridiculous American journalists. PlayStation and Nintendo don’t need American publishers.

  13. Microsoft is buying studiosand publishers right and left so they can become the Netflix of gaming. Exclusive content war. Pay on demand moves to subscription model. And content quality goes down as customer retention goes up.

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