PlayStation Presentation at CES 2022

Check out the PlayStation Presentation from CES 2022, showcasing the new PlayStation VR2, as well as the PlayStation VR Sense Controllers. On top of that Jim Ryan showcases a new game by Guerilla and Firespite called Horizon Call of The Mountain…

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  1. Are we going to get a Playstation store again like on ps4???? Are we going to be able search and hire videos to watch again like on ps4???? Thatd be good. Because that, plus a bunch of other stuff, i basically bought a white brick. Id rather go back to ps4 pro. It did more.

  2. I don't play too much on my PSVR, but it's great for parties. From teens to elder people, I always enjoy watching someone experience VR for the first time. Can't wait for PSVR2!!

  3. They need to get the console to the stores and stop selling ALL the PS5 consoles to one Scammer who sells the consoles for Double the price. Losing a lot of fans that way.

  4. Playstation tag line, "Play Has No Limit"…. Play Has a Limit if we don't get the console… please fulfil your PS5 production to fulfil our needs first. 🙂

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