Nvidia 3050 & 3090 Ti Revealed, But Good Luck Buying One | GameSpot News

In this episode of GameSpot, new Nvidia GPUs are announced, Halo Infinite is helping Splitgate and Game Pass adds 8 new games for January. 

In this video, DeVante talks about Nvidia announcing it’s newest GPUs, the RTX 3090 Ti and the RTX…

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  1. Nvidia is only trying to please their investors and stockholders, they could care less about gamers or demand. If they did, they would have scrapped the 3090 TI idea and put the resources towards making more 3080 TIs. They'd also put a halt to miners being able to buy literal pallet loads of cards and make sure everyone is getting fair treatment.

  2. Why bother sharing key details when literally no one will be able to buy it? These announcements are just to keep shareholders confidence up until the shortages are no longer a problem. I'd have bought a 3060 months ago if nvidia cared to make it available to gamers rather than just miners given the limited supplies to make these chips, but oh well, the 4000 series will be ready by the time we see any stock of the 3000 series.

  3. its a bit like Bugatti advertising on public tv about an exclusive production run of 6 cars.
    like anyone watching it will have a chance to buy it even if they had the money to buy it on the spot. its like a fake ad, because the product isnt a tangible item for the majority

  4. been on 2 different waiting lists (one with nvidia, one with a retailer) for a 3080 for almost 14 months now. Yeah, 99% of consumers won't be getting any of these new cards, you still can't even get the new cards that came out barely a year ago.

  5. I won’t be buying another graphics card for awhile I got the 3090 graphics card last year at Best Buy that costed $2,229 now Nvidia is making more I’m sure the scalpers will be buying them not gamers

  6. Maaaan it took me over a YEAR to get to buy my 3080….. Pure pain. I got lucky last June with the New Egg Shuffle and got to buy an EVGA FTW3 3070 at retail price. I immediately applied it for the EVGA Stepup to a 3080. 6 months later I got approved, I sent them the 3070 and 2 weeks later my 3080 arrived.

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