Next Call Of Duty Might Arrive Early | GameSpot News

In today’s episode of GameSpot News, Persia talks about how the next Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare might arrive earlier than expected, GTA Online adding a brand new multiplayer mode, and more. 

Video Notes:
The next game in the Call Of Duty…

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  1. Honest question, do these COD games actually get any improvements with every release? COD players hardly even touch the campaign from what I've been led to believe, so what new experience are they getting from the new MW2 that they didn't get from the other new MW, and that isn't coming to Warzone? It feels as if Activision is releasing the same game over and over, just with a different outfit each time.

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  3. Activision needs to take a step back and let CoD breathe for a few years before they release a new one. All of the recent titles have been buggy & incomplete. It's hit a point where annual releases are a detriment to the franchise instead of a plus. I know it's all about greed, but there comes a point where greed can destroy a company e.g. SWBF 2 (2017) comes to mind. Ce La Vie.

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