N64 Classic Coming To Xbox According To Leak | GameSpot News

In this episode of GameSpot News, we talk about GoldenEye 007 Achievements for Xbox leaking, trouble at Ken Levine’s Ghost Story Games studio and the January additions to PS Now. 

In this video, DeVante talks about achievement pictures and a…

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  1. Probably not the most popular opinion but I have always ranked Perfect Dark higher than Golden Eye. And Perfect Dark actually holds up whereas Goldeneye really feels like almost three decades old game.

  2. I remember watching Ray Narvaez talking about the N64 Goldeneye game being almost done and about to get released a while ago, but it never happened. Really hope it's actually happening this time cause it would be awesome to have that and Perfect Dark

  3. GoldenEye 007 on the N64 was one of the greatest games ever made. I have owned every type of console other than an Xbox, I still have my N64 and GoldenEye, but I have just decided to add an Xbox Series X to my gaming library. It's moves like this and Gamepass that will pull me, a mainly single player in. It is time.

  4. Glad to see that golden eye might get the love & attention it deserves and here's hoping that it is a great modern port for Xbox.

    As for playstation now, I kinda wonder what Sony long-term plans are with the service – I tried PlayStation now when I first got my PS4 and used it occasional. It was novel to stream mgs4 over the interwebs and play a few other older & modern titles but it wasn't worth it for me to keep paying for. My guess is that Sony is trying to emulate the Microsoft game pass but only kinda getting there (I don't have gamepads but I've heard good things)

  5. Now don't anybody here. Go forgetting the fact that a new perfect dark another game or I should say another masterpiece was also created by rare same engine same team

  6. Ken Levine sets his standards tooooooooooo high. He needs less micromanaging control to actually let quality games release

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