Monster Hunter Rise – PC vs. Switch Graphics Comparison

With Monster Hunter Rise coming to PC, we put the original Switch version head-to-head with the new PC port to see the graphics differences.

Last year’s Nintendo Switch exclusive Monster Hunter Rise is making its way to PC. We got early access…

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  1. I'm gonna guess that future software updates will fix many visual issues for the PC port including some enhancements if anything else. Other than that the game seems to run smoothly and also provide nice graphics even on potato-like computers.

    Ill get this today.

  2. There are certain points where the Switch looks better, which is crazy. Still though, as much as I don't care for it, the Switch manages to run this game incredibly, and it looks great too. Still, the PC version was what I was waiting for.

  3. It's like a remake/remaster and I can tell the difference easily so some of y'all money-spender don't see the difference then obviously you are blind…Final Verdict : Nope!!!

  4. Finally found the answer as to why the face shadows looked so bad. I ended up using DSR to play the game at 4k on my 1080p monitor without any AA which got rid of most of it.

  5. My ears bleed hearing the voices of this game in English, and it doesn't match the theme of the game at all. Is American so proud that he can't leave the game's voices in the original Japanese language? Even if it makes the game experience better and more beautiful because of its theme?

  6. This art direction is carrying this wonderfully. I have to actually look hard to find differences.

    That being said, the 200+ hours I spent on the Switch version will not go to waste on PC…. because I'm going to have so much more. And still use Switch Rise for experiments.

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