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Kirby And The Forgotten Land Release Date And Game Draft 2018 | GI Show

In this week’s episode of The Game Informer Show, the crew discusses Kirby And The Forgotten Land’s unexpected March release date and Dying Light 2 Stay Human’s recently-announced hour count. Lastly, Alex Stadnik introduces a new segment…

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  1. Gotta say it's kinda shady that you guys get sponsored by games. You are supposed to be critics and something like advertising games is a grey area. It's not like you're an outlet on your own, you're owned by Gamestop and they aren't the shipwreck they once were.

  2. So i work at a gamestop, when we had to do marketing we literally just got a white sign that said “TRIANGLE STRATEGY” and we were like what the fuck and we had no idea what it was. My boss (and also my childhood friend’s mom, how cool) comes in the next day and the first thing she said was “DUDE ITS NOT EVEN ABOUT TRIANGLES WHAT THE FUCK”
    I was fucking dying

    We have fun here 😂

  3. celeste is also one of my favorite games ever. it pushed platforming to its limits while incorporating an amazing story, with incredible music and crisp pixel art, cant beat that. i want that team to make a mario or metroid game sooo bad.

  4. Real people don't feel pressure to play everything. Most people play a couple new games a year and a lot of the time those are older games, not new releases. All I do is play games and I don't play 90% of what the games media is paid to cover. At least not the year those games come out.

  5. I played FO76 last year and had a lot of fun with it with my friends. There's a ton of depth most games like that simply don't have. I just wish it played better lol, it would be an absolutely amazing game if it did.

  6. Game draft was a cool idea. A great way to find out about some games that I missed out on. Since the age of releasing broken games has begun I have been patient about new releases. I usually wait for 6 to 12 months so that bugs are fixed and free DLC is added. The Witcher 3 and assassin's Creed Odyssey are just a couple of the games that I enjoy thoroughly partly because of this strategy.

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