It's Time You Played Resident Evil: Code Veronica

Resident Evil Code: Veronica is an overlooked gem of the series and we simply don’t know why. Join Richie as he explains why you should play one of the series last classic-style titles.

Resident Evil Code: Veronica was the last of the…

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  1. Hey everyone Richie here! I’ve wanted to make this video for so long! Hope you all enjoy it. Let me know if you’re planning to try out code Veronica OR what you think of it if you’ve played it already 🙂 Thanks so much for watching!

  2. It's my favorite game of all time! Got the platinum trophy, But if you gonna buy this game, DON'T BUY if you live in the pal region for PS4.. the pal version runs slower, and this breaks trophies since the in-game clock is going at original speed! Many trophies especially battle mode is near impossible to get trophies for. I've seen people pull it off, but it's about 10 times harder i'd say, and i'm good at the game and played pal versions until PS3 remaster came out.

  3. I personally loved this game it was awesome brought a breakfast just to play this also Steve had a hair change as people kept saying he looked like Leo dicaprio

  4. Shame it was never mentioned why Code Veronica is always forgotten, mostly because the game is (kind of) unbeatable on your first playthrough. The game will never tell you that it will switch perspective causing you to leave important items/weapons to the other characters. I was literally forced to fight off the final boss fight with a pistol (and I never got to finish it) because the game switched to Claire when it was "supposedly" going to end but then the game randomly switched to Chris without any kind of hint that it will happen. There's also the very unfair boss fights that put you very (too much) difficult situation.

  5. My favourite for almost 20 years now ?? it absolutely had all the best characters in one game with entertaining story and great atmosphere and music

  6. great video, code veronica its hands down the second best of the franchise for me. its not just that it is underrated which it is, but its right there on the top and so many fans are missing it.
    btw you should def play re0. the commonly known additions (partner swap, inventory boxes out) are not welcome but neither as annoying as people tend to say, i actually enjoyed it a lot as a well crafted classic re game, plus those graphics are beautiful. in fact the worst part of it is the narrative which is awful and does not add anything, in fact as a prequel that was supposed to clarify some points makes it even more confusing and ridiculous.

  7. This should have received the remake treatment over 4. It had solid world building, added more to the lore and introduced events that will become important for Resident Evil 5. Why did Capcom skip this one?

  8. Code Veronica was the first game I got on the PS2. I was 10 years old and I got stuck on the final boss because I didn't have enough ammo left.

    I finally replayed it last year and after a tough fight, I defeated the final boss, and got to see the ending … 19 years later !

    Absolute favorite Resident Evil.

  9. Code Veronica most definitely deserves a remake, but only in RE1 remake fashion where the core game is still intact, most of the cheesy af dialogue gets removed, and some interesting story lore is also added (such as Wesker and his organization, or taking a deeper look into Nosferatu as an experiment like Lisa Trevor). If they remake it like RE3 then they shouldn't touch it. I also think RE 0 deserves a remake and a story revamp. They should dive deeper into what happened with Bravo team, maybe even play as Enrico or something. Great vid though, brought out the old school RE nerd in me lol.

  10. What!!! An accurate description of RE/CV from a major gaming outlet! I’m impressed. More videos like this. And the narrator legitimately knew what he was talking about. ???????? if we get more re from this person I’ll continue to watch!!

  11. Code Veronica be like: "Sorry Claire it's not over yet! There's still something we got to do! It's payback time! We have to stop umbrella! NOW!
    Me: Oh boy I can't wait to see the epic finale!
    Resident Evil 4 be like: "6 years passed, umbrella stocks died cuz the world found out about experiments, umbrella was finished…"
    Me: Where did Chris and Claire go in the end? Bingo?

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