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Is God of War Worth Playing On PC? | New Gameplay Today

Is God of War worth playing on PC? Join Marcus and Stadnik on this episode of New Gameplay Today as they check out Kratos’ latest adventure and let you know if it’s worth returning to or playing for the first time.

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  1. Given what it's doing to the state of Sony's sense of competitive development, no, not really.

    I have a gaming PC, and I prefer the world where all of these systems have their own libraries, and compete.

    Don't know why buying a second system has become such a cardinal sin.

  2. If you have a pc and never played this on PlayStation already then it’s 1000% worth the playthrough. It’s one of the best games ever made no lie.

  3. So glad more people can play this amazing experience. I'm also glad Sony didn't do a FF7 Remake port. Hopefully we'll get all the god of war games on pc, same with the uncharted games.

  4. i feel bad for this first boss already, he's gonna get decimated by trainer users like me who will max out qeverything at the very start of the game, he'll meet different shapes and sizes of atreus and kratos thru modders, or they'll mod him into other, less intimidating things lol. welcome to pc gaming, Daudi Kaupmadr 🤣🤣

  5. This looks like a very fun game. I'm going to keep an eye on it and make sure there are no optimization issues with the PC version before I buy it though.

  6. Thanks for non bias talking, this PC release is not intended to compete with PS5. But everyone is looking for it so all I can say is I have more powerful PC than my PS5 then it makes sense to me get this version, but if you have weaker PC and PS5 you shouldn't buy it, and stop pointing out about PS5 being better than mid range PC from 2 years ago, IGN using amd already phase out cpus (2700x and 3600) aren't doing well here, those became before PS5, you wanna do a mid range budget PC comparison you should use 5600x or intel 12600K

  7. The hitching may not have been your PC. I’ve seen a couple of people talk about some hitching after playing for a while like there may be some possible memory leak somewhere that restarting the game fixes.

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