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Is Call of Duty Xbox Exclusive? Microsoft Buying Activision Reactions

Is Call of Duty, Warzone, World of Warcraft, and the rest of Activision’s suite of games going to be Xbox exclusive? Watch our reactions to Xbox buying Activision wherein they break down this huge gaming news and discuss the future implications…

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  1. Bro STFU about the allegations. They're not special cuz they're game developers. It's shitty situation no matter where it happens.

    This strongarm acquisition bullshit is straight up evil empire shit talking about the fucked up metaverse and what these fucking corporations are doing is so much worse. They're trying to control every single fucking aspect of your life they're using the legal trouble as a smoke screen and everyone is fucking falling for it.

    That's shit has no place in any industry. And industry should have no place in your quality of life

  2. Hasn’t playstation had some kind of deal with activision for many years now? I’d imagine if Xbox owns activision now, I’d imagine the most that happens is the stuff PS used to get like skin/game mode/map/early access exclusives but still cross platform

  3. Why do you guys not give any sort of disclaimers before videos/reviews pertaining to Ubisoft? They are just as guilty of the everything Activision/Blizzard has done, but you guys choose to ignore it and give a shit game like Far Cry 6 a 9.

  4. I'm on xbox I don't play cod but I don't want it to be an exclusive because say if Sony does the same as example but will never happen rockstar they make max Payne bully gta and more if they became exclusive I'd be annoyed so wouldn't wish the same for playstation players

  5. I said this in another comment section: Ok Xbox, we apologize for ever saying “xbox has no games.” You’ve proven your point. Stop already. Enough is enough. lol

  6. xbox doesn't need playstation at all, after this year the next cod games will be exclusive to any platform that accepts gamepass, you don't need an xbox either you just need something that uses gamepass. It sucks but that's what's happen

    normally I would say they will release cod on playstation in the future but all anyone needs is a TV (smartTV) or even just a phone and a gamepass subscription if you wanna play the next next cod it's just not gonna be on playstation unless somehow accepts gamepass on their consoles/tv's (which they wont)

  7. Sony and nintendo will be fine. When they bought Bethesda last year for that week everyone was going crazy and what did we see ps5 sales continue to beat Xbox…. The only thing that matters are the games and outside of call of duty and diablo they aren't touch nintendo or Sony lineup

  8. I think exclusives need to make sense with the console. Sony and Nintendo always did that. Microsoft on the other hand destroys wtv creativity the developer has, like Rare.
    They just said "f*ck it, if we can't win them, we'll buy 'em"
    Hope these don't release Trash now.
    Look at Gamepass and exclusives, Forza, Halo (meh) and Psychonauts 2 ? Sure. What's more to play ? The Medium ? Back 4 Blood ? Get the f*ck out of here

    Sony's gotta buy Take Two 🙏🏻

  9. Microsoft will clean up Activision. As for the catalogue of games and back catalogue they are buying wow. Loads of potential for Microsoft. Maybe now we can get a new Stinger and a new Pitfall

  10. Begin the copy pasting the same videos and articles on speculation of the status of games moving forward. Spoilers it will be the same as Bethesda aka Exclusive outside of MMOs.
    Until then enjoy Phil saying nothing because he can't until the deal is done again like Bethesda.

  11. On the subject of studios forced into Call of Duty and collabs between Bethesda and Activision studios Raven (who've worked on COD for a few years now) made Quake 4 and Singularity

    Or Neversoft, they've worked on Tony Hawk, Guitar Hero and COD, the one in house IP they made was Gun which was such a great title it influenced Rockstar into making Red Dead Redemption.

    Activision has some seriously talented studios who have sadly been creatively strangled

  12. Every Playstation Ponies fan from 🐀 holes now started to complaining & crying about xbox exclusivity of games. It's funny how Playstation laterally blocking third party games from coming to Xbox including Final fantasy from coming to Xbox. now when it's Xbox turns every crying baby 👶 seems to have a problem.. Pathetic

  13. Remember the people who actually make these games are ON STRIKE! So if you do enjoy call of duty, world of Warcraft, etc then help yourself get better versions of those games in the future by supporting the striking workers. Don't buy any Activision Blizzard games! No micro transactions!

  14. I think Call of Duty will be split into multiplayer which will be free to play on all platforms and the story modes will be exclusive to Xbox and PC. And I also think there's a chance that they will move away from the yearly releases in the next couple of years.

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