Intel at CES 2022 Livestream

Join Intel senior leaders as they share new developments in two of Intel’s most important businesses: personal computing and automated driving/Mobileye. Gregory Bryant, executive vice president and general manager of Intel’s Client Computing…

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  1. 26:25 Completely fake and scripted non-sense. Intel's slight improvement in the processor did NOT fix the "issues" she was having. (especially when considering 47:42 LOL) I hate obvious shilling like this.

  2. Watched in approx. 1 minute – presentation missed momentum^^ completely and some of the people presenting the products were simply unappealing.

  3. This seems like it's a presentation for those who are largely uninterested in technology and are more inclined to know if the upcoming products will make the company more profitable in the upcoming quarters. The outdated rigid news casting like style make it painfully obvious and out of place when put forth by a brand for tech consumers and enthusiasts.

  4. The guest visitors are only ones with any feeling of genuinity. Too many wet runs of a presentation and too much marketing speech instead of information. EDIT: I kind of liked more the presenters from the graphics/deep link discussion and forwards. That Volkswagen part was great.

  5. I see bunch of aging execs, nothing really moves throughout the "show", all is static, and people call "game changer" the fact they can display a photo on a TV screen. Yeah, and I must not forget the thrill of seeing animated mushroom in 2022.

    Seriously? Did Bloomberg Business team authored the whole show? It certainly feels like. They must get some young blood there.

  6. After seen AMD presentation I'm impressed how fast they catch-up with everything that Intel could offer but since 2017, compared with Intel that is being doing since 2006 ( co-engineer optimize laptops), I really want to see AMD eating this Dinasour once and for all

  7. Intel, you might want to take a step back, AMD has booted you out of your 12900K record with their 5800X3D.

    It boots the 12900K out in more then a few games.

    The only 2 games that the 12900K has held its own in so far are Far Cry 6 with a tie vs the 5800X3D, and CSGO by being only just in front by a minuscule 2%

  8. I'm wondering if that multi-platform-evo-compatibility-thingy is coming for linux aswell. They talk about PC but don't mention either windows nor linux.

  9. Is that's really iMessage or just SMS at 18:30 mark? He needs to slow down and show the send/receive between the devices (laptop to iPhone and laptop to Apple Watch), cuz he just zoomed right through that, so didn't really demonstrate anything.

  10. Intel is almost at scamming levels now, the 9 gen was that … they will not recover from that soon … the CEO really messed up … go go ryzen !

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