Halo Infinite's Mangler Might Get Nerfed & Players Are Divided | GameSpot News

In this episode of GameSpot News, we talk about Halo Infinite’s Mangler possibly getting nerfed, Horizon Forbidden West leaking early and Among Us becoming the PlayStation Store’s most downloaded game in December 2021. 

In this video,…

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  1. Why nerf mangler?! it’s suppose to be a close range precision weapon it’s practically useless to use it other than short range unless you can lead it or account for round drop even then misssing a shot is pretty much certain death…..

  2. Despite the narrative that all the upvoted comments want soo desperately to believe, the majority of competitive players do not wish the weapon to be nerfed. It was the first community to suggest placing it on the same weapon tier as the Bulldog/Heatwave, which can also 1 tap beatdown, toning back how common it is and leaving its functionality alone. It's a completely reasonable change.

    But please, let's scapegoat them and demonize the BR some more, it might distract you all from mindlessly hosing each other down with your clearly dominant RNG guns while pretending the sandbox is skillful/good. Most of you do not play the game competitively. You think your ignorant takes of a games sandbox you are clearly not invested in, are just as good as those who take time to push the sandbox to its bleeding edge. It's annoying and pathetic.

  3. Could someone tell me? Is the campaign and multiplayer weapons two different sets of files, or are the same file?


  4. Problem is pro's can hit with it at long range with extreme acuracy,making it too strong. However casual players will never have that insane accuray. Miss one shot and you die.The gun is well balanced for casuals,but not for pros.

    They could simply make damage drop off significanly at mid range, so it can only be used at clase range

  5. Kinda getting the story wrong a little with the subreddit. People were generally okay with the resapwn suggestion but not happy with the idea of nerfing the gun itself

  6. Whenever I have come across the Mangler I have been impressed at how useful and powerful it was however it never felt unfair. I still had to be targeting heads and surviving to get off enough shots in time within it's slow rate of fire. Ignore these supposed 'Pros'. They should be better at adapting or they need to spend more time practicing.

    PS: the Sidekick pistol is a quick-fire monster!

  7. So it is going to become another useless weapon. The guns in this game are so unsatisfying to use apart from the obvious winners like the Assault Rifle, Battle Rifle, Sword, Pistol etc.

  8. The Hydra is possibly one of the most disapointing weapons to use. takes nearly 5 missles to down someone. its was a beast in Guardians. it needs a serious buff. its very inaccurate too. Harsh language would be more effective

  9. No mangler is a great gun. Ravager and Commando needs the buff. ESPECIALLY THE RAVAGER it’s the most useless gun in game atm.

  10. It's possible that they nerf it by putting it in the same weapon drop as bulldog and heatwave, thus making it more rare than it currently is. If they have to nerf it I would much prefer that solution to nerfing the damage

  11. A toggle is an answer to cheaters if we Xbox players only play with other Xbox players the cheating problem is solved. I truly believe that they don't want to remove cross play because they know that if they left PC players to their own devices on PC only they would ruin their platform like they do with every game because they just can't help themselves and they have to cheat. So we Xbox players are stuck being the buffer so the Halo infinite community on PC doesn't crumble.

  12. I only play unranked matches and I've never been killed by a mangler unless it's been in Fiesta mode. People just don't seem to pick it up I unranked matches.

    Maybe just nerf it in Ranked? Idk man. Pro players shouldn't be the "be all, end all" vote on this.

  13. The shield drop on melee and the low rate of precision fire make it a well balanced gun. In a nerfed state, it would pose no advantage vs a commando or AR. No guns need a Nerf in my opinion, but plasma carbine, ravager, and shock rifle all need a buff.

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