God of War PS5 Vs PC Ultra Settings Graphics Comparison

God of War is the latest Sony title to get a PC port, so let’s see how it compares to its console counterpart.

For the PlayStation version we are running it on a PS5 with the upgraded “enhanced performance” patch that runs the game at 60fps…

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  1. First time i have played God of war and that also in PC. I'm impressed that even with ultra settings my gtx 1080ti runs so smoothly compared to Valhalla or watch dogs 3.

  2. God of War is my absolute favorite game. Played it on the ps4 when it first came out and now replaying it on PC. I bought a Samsung G9 Odyssey just to keep pushing what I can do with the game. I am in love with the game again!

  3. Thanks, im going to laugh at this thumbnail atleast for next 5 years, just gotta rename that ps5 picture, to PC reshade enchantment. 😀 Props for the successful click bait tho.

  4. Really same quality. Its just pc has difference on the shadow on some scene. You can enjoy this game both PC and console. Thanks sony for letting PC gamers play this wonderful game

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