God of War PC Ultrawide Mouse & Keyboard Gameplay

God of War 2018 is now available on PC. See Sony Santa Monica’s excellent reboot in action with one of the PC port’s best features: An ultrawide aspect ratio. We also try out the mouse and keyboard controls to see how it feels to throw and…

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  1. I already have a 65" LG B9 and I am very happy with this TV, the image is spectacular. I use it to watch movies and play PC video games on it and I have not had any image retention problems. Based on that experience, what I really want now is that at some point LG or Samsung will release an OLED TV in a 21:9 aspect ratio of 80", I would love to play video games on a TV this big with that aspect ratio and OLED quality, that's my dream.

  2. The fact that they re-did the cutscene camera shots specifically for ultrawide is an incredible effort. This along with the game being a good port is just the cherry on top.

  3. 21:9 best way to play any game period. The immersion levels are ridiculous. Really wish more people got to experience all these amazing games this way.

  4. How is it playing it with mouse & keyboard?
    It's the only thing that could stop me from buying it… I hate controllers…

  5. How does it feel on mouse and keeb? Considering trying it out that way, but given that God of War has always been a console game, I've played every one on controller since the beginning and that seems like it would feel more natural for a game that's so focused on combos and what not.

  6. If i swipe my mouse real fast it barely turns my camera, but if i do it slow it goes into spinbot mode. I cant play like this dont know what to do. Its like reverse mouse accel

  7. A standing ovation to sony Santa Monica for Putting in so much effort to make ultrawide great along with just making the port great in general truly a standout from other developers right now.

  8. Ok, this is pretty impressive. It doesn't look like Santa Monica did the usual half-assed Ultrawide trick of zooming in and cutting off Vertical FOV for regular gameplay, that in itself is impressive! To top it off with fully expanded cutscenes as well is icing.

  9. 21:9 is truly the best way to play this game. I've been playing on a 55 inch 4K OLED and even though it's a16:9 display, the game can render 21:9 in letterbox at 3840×1646. It looks incredible. 21:9 needs more support from devs.

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