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God of War or Red Dead 2? Drafting The Best Games Of 2018

What game would you rather have on your fantasy team? God of War or Red Dead Redemption 2? Join GI as we draft the best games of 2018 and have you the community vote on who’s team is best!

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  1. Rdr 2 imo but God of War was also a masterpiece. But RDR2 had great and more memorable side characters and Dutch. Most of em are very good, the game is just impressive all around, graphics wise, the huge world, activities, music and storylines are all top notch and it's an experience which i believe purposely is so long and gameplay "slow paced". It's a game meant to soak and take in. There's nothing like it still, well maybe only the Witcher 3. 2 of my favourites. The scale is crazy. Hopefully Rockstar can produce another masterpiece like this.

  2. For me the best game of 2018 it has to be Monster Hunter World. It brought the Monster Hunter franchise to new heights, and its gameplay is awesome

  3. Red Dead redemption 2, it’s embarrassing that people even compare god of war, the attention to detail in the former is astronomical.

  4. You Forgot Detroit Become Human & Yakuza 6
    Alex(Right) Picks
    Dragon Ball FighterZ
    Shadow of the Colossus Remake
    Dead Cells
    The Quite Man

    John Carson Picks
    Super Smash Bros Ultimate
    Forza Horizon 4
    Into the Breach
    Dragon Quest 11
    One Piece: Grand Cruise

    Reeves Picks
    God of War(2018)
    Hitman 2
    Tetris Effect
    Cod:Black Ops 4

    Kim Picks
    Red Dead Redemption 2
    Monster Hunter World
    Return of the Obra Dinn
    Life is Strange 2
    Shaq Fu: A Legend Reborn

    Alex (Left) Picks
    Marvel's Spider Man
    Assassin's Creed Odyssey
    Dark Souls Remaster
    Super Seducer

  5. God Of War had surprisingly good combat, better than rdr 2. Rdr 2 has pretty clunky gameplay but I give it to RDR 2, it's amazing to explore the world and I love the general vibe of the game.

  6. Haven’t played God of War but after playing Rdr 2 I can’t say that Red Dead Redemption 2 is a way more innovative game, God of War looks like an amazing game but I don’t really see any type of innovation, while Rdr 2 has so many details it’s actually insane, most games wouldn’t go out of their way to have as much details as Rdr 2 has, the fact that you can be riding your horse and a branch can clothesline you off your horse with realistic physics is such a cool detail, so many more details in Rdr 2

  7. How can you think odyssey is the best of the new trilogy ?
    Origins is the best, Bayek is the most interesting and well written new assassin (deserves his own Trilogy like Ezio) Alexios and Kassandra are boring stale pieces of bread, don’t know why people think the voice acting for Kassandra is so good sounds like shit to me, I can’t have opinion on Valhalla but it doesn’t look that good, it might just be me but I find Odyssey so fucking boring, garbage ass characters ?‍♂️

    I can’t talk about story because haven’t finished it but so far I’m bored af

  8. You guys know this were not the only 2 great games that released that year right ? I honestly don't know why God of War is loved so much, even i can see some of its qualities. AC Odyssey was my GOTy of 2018, and the other games of this year i played : Monster Hunter world and Shadow of the Tomb raider, i love them at least as much is not more than these 2.

  9. Ok, I have never played the previous God of wars, and just played it after it launched on PC, so I'll say it from an unbiased and unhyped perspective, God of War is overrated af. Its just a Good game, its not a generational great game.

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