Firearms Expert Reacts To Halo Infinite’s Guns

Jonathan Ferguson, a weapons expert and Keeper of Firearms & Artillery at the Royal Armouries, breaks down the weaponry of Halo Infinite, including the iconic Assault Rifle, and the SPNKrr Rocket Launcher, alongside a host of alien guns.

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  1. Electricity uses a lot of math and movement, the slide could easily be applying the same force as the drum in a different direction so it is ejected with same type of power it damages the opponent with to a lesser degree. Or it could be firing off caseless ammunition with a lot of capacitance for holding the drum's charge.

  2. This continues to be the premiere series here on the channel, combining his knowledge of real weapons with his own history as a videogamer to deliver witty, informed reviews of digital death-dealers. Bravo.

  3. What I find funny about a lot of these UNSC firearms is that they have large, reciprocating charging handles on the left side of the rifle. Reciprocating handles are usually kept on the right side of the firearm so the shooter doesn't have something flying at their face; only lefties would have it on the left side. Most modern rifles are moving towards ambidextrous configurations anyways, so the UNSC is taking a step back.

  4. Fun fact about the disruptor:
    It actually fires two Spike like projectiles that can hit the target and stick into their model giving off sparks. While mechanically this works like the needler and that you need a critical mass of three hits before any real damage starts happening and seven before it's a lethal amount, the two connected charged spikes sent to pierce a target is exactly how real life tasers work except they're not also connected to the power source of the gun. Presumably the electricity in the gun is supercharging these spikes somehow and then they're offloading into the target.

  5. so the neat thing about Zoom and even some of the Lock on functions in Halo these days is that the helmets (at least for spartans) and guns (or at least the UNSC ones) come with Smart Link, basically sci-fi zoom magnification and aim assist rolled into one. not sure how the banished/covenant/forerunner weaponry would work with it, but what i do know is that enough years of human ingenuity while facing the potential extinction of mankind at the hands of 3-4 different alien hostile groups alongside tag-teaming up with some of the exiles of one of them would lead to enough of an understanding to get Smart Link to register what weapon the user is holding and attempt to link with what is known of the gun.

  6. If you could just load the drum of the Hydra, it would be way too OP, the long reload time by having to individually load each round makes players have to think about when they reload. I agree, most of these weapons make no sense in their actual mechanics in game, but lore wise, they hold up.

  7. Burst fire with the plasma guns was always a thing in the previous games because of the overheat mechanic, in all the previous games, if you fired a rapidfire plasma gun too quickly, it would overheat, it does in this one too, just at a slower rate, due to the burst mechanic.

  8. The M41 is in lore more like a recoilless rifle that launches a rocket projectile, except in game rocket speeds are so slow. the ammunition is the can of 2 rockets, each has a launching charge with a burst disc at the back, so it builds up enough pressure to launch quickly, then the rocket motor kicks in. Hence the rotating barrels, keeps them from overheating, since they're just a tube, but the initial gas pressure they have to hold does stress and heat them up. The in game rocket speed and acceleration just make no sense, they should be getting faster and faster over time, basically taking twice as much time to hit a target 4x away.

  9. The Shock rifle is a really cool one, several companies have looked into them as a long range taser, it's basically a pulsed laser system that heats up the air between the gun and the target to several thousand degrees in a few microseconds, then, a high frequency alternating current is generated within the gun, travelling down one leg of the laser and back up the other. All of the tests done in labs determined that you couldn't make one that wouldn't cause massive burns if the target was too close yet be effective at a longer range, but when you're not worried about a less-lethal requirement and somehow have handheld capacitors than can power a laser that can ionize a line of air stretching hundreds of meters away, then apply a lethal amount of current down the laser beams, then it'd be a pretty cool weapon.

  10. 11:55 I can see it been like that to control the temperature of the gun so it overheats less, it makes sense to me since now all the energy weapons have a way to cool it down. Also for saving energy :V

  11. i think what he's missing here is that, over the course of the halo series, the covenant have encountered human weapons on the battlefield over an extended period of time. while their technology seems to be much more sophisticated than ours, they may learn lessons from our weapons and apply them to their own weapon r&d. that would explain the repeater pistol, the shotgun, etc.

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