Firearms Expert Breaks Down The M1 Garand – Loadout Extended Chat

The M1 Garand has made a huge impact in the real world, and in the world of our pop culture, movies and games, and is famous for making a ringing PING sound when fired until empty. But where does this sound come from, and how does it factor into…

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  1. Look how giddy I get when I make the M1 go PING. So glad I got to do that.

    It continues to be so very fascinating exploring more of the real world history and video game legacy of some of gaming's most iconic weapons, and I hope you all are enjoying these bonus chat episodes, as well as the main Loadout ones too.

    As always I'm excited to hear what you think. Tell me all your thoughts either in the comments or on Twitter: @IrregularDave

    Cheers <3 <3

  2. One advantage to the en bloc style clips as opposed to magazines is the cost. It’s just a piece of sheet metal that can be quickly and easily turned out in the millions. A removable magazine does require more parts and assembly. That was probably a factor back then first with the low military budgets during the Great Depression and then during the war.

  3. I wish I could explain the massive difference between how indifferent I feel while shooting this weapon in a videogame and how nerveaus it makes me feel while Jonathan is holding this loaded rifle.

  4. Two points on the clip, another way to help avoid garand thumb is to load your top round on the right side rather than the left as in this video. This way as you're pressing the clip in you keep pressure on the top round, which will slow the bolt slamming forward.

    Also, for higher capacity clips, I believe the original prototypes of the garand did have 10 round clips for the .276 Pederson cartridge, US military wanted .30-06, so it went down to 8 rounds.

  5. When the M-14 was developed, the anticipated method for reloading it was to keep the detachable 20 magazine on the rifle, and to recharge the magazine with charger clips. Why? Money mostly, as well as some weight savings.

  6. Lots of fuddlore in this one. Garand thumb is basically an overblown pseudo myth borne out of inexperienced people playing around with an empty rifle. It’s a complete non issue.

    Originally the Garand did have a ten round clip.

    Nobody would ever bother with collecting empty clips on a battlefield. The clips are disposable and all your rifle ammunition would come pre packaged on new clips already.

    More of the “gun make funny sound” meme that is completely played out and cliche at this point. There is way more to the Garand’s story than just the funny noise its clip makes smh.

  7. When I was a kid (about 30years ago) I was with my scouts group playing in the woods here in Germany (Bavaria, Augsburg area to be exact) and found a old and rusty Ammo Clip. Ofc back then I didn't know much about it but thought it's cool and interesting so I took it with me. Later when my group leaders found out about it they freaked out and took it from me. Never heard about it again or what happened to it. (If they called the Police or whatever) Long story short: from what I remember it probably was a Clip for a Garand. Even stil now this here is a rural area and it's a 'crazy' thought that almost 80 years ago there might have been a battle in this peaceful little forrest…

  8. Early on in the design phases the rifle was intended to have 10 rounds of .270. The 8 round limit is due to the size of the 30-06 rounds and the space available for an internal magazine.

  9. Doesn’t seem you’ve had a Jonathon reacts to the Half-Life series. You’ve got a lot of HK’s, the crossbow, and of course the crowbar and Gravity Gun. Was one of the games that got me into FPS so despite it being maybe a dead series would be nostalgic for many of us at least!

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