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Exclusive Elden Ring Gameplay – Liurnia of the Lakes (NEW AREA)

In this exclusive Elden Ring gameplay video, Game Informer shows off a new area of the Soulslike game: Liurnia of the Lakes. Tune in Monday for a breakdown of what you see inside of this new area.

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  1. As promised in our Twitch stream earlier today, we're showing off a never-before-seen area of Elden Ring in this exclusive gameplay video. Tune in Monday for a breakdown of everything!

  2. Seeing this gameplay and allowing you 10+ hours of playtime is really hurting my soul right now. Not of jealousy but the fact it’s ruining the game for me already with moments I wanna experience. I can’t, NOT watch this :((( lmao

  3. Why don't you guys just spoil the whole game for us before it releases, show us the final boss next while you're at it. It's bad enough that it's plastered all over your website so I can't visit that anymore, now it's popping up in my Youtube feed as well. Maybe use a little restraint? Just title it "New Area" for those interested to click on, but please don't include spoilers right in the title… Surely I'm not the only person who is trying to go into this game as blind as possible, but that is becoming impossible with all these unavoidable leaks sprouting up everywhere.

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