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Exclusive ELDEN RING Gameplay – Exploring Castle Mourne

Elden Ring features numerous mini-dungeons like caves and catacombs to explore alongside giant sprawling dungeon crawls like Stormveil Castle. Castle Mourne, nestled in southern Limgrave on the Weeping Penninsula, is a place where horrors abound….

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  1. I am just amazed how From despite making an open world managed to make the areas densely packed with detail. The moment the guy entered the elevator it truly felt like Dark souls again.

  2. I've never preorder a game in my entire life, but I'm certain this game will not only live up to my hype for it but most likely blow my fricking socks off! I've never been this excited for a game, but I trust fromsoft to deliver.

  3. Just a few short weeks away from being bombarded with articles from shitty journalists about "eLdEn rInG iS tOo hArD aNd tHaTs pRobLemAtiC"

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