Every Major Franchise Xbox Now Owns

Microsoft’s $68.7 billion acquisition of Activision Blizzard is the largest buyout in video game history. Here’s every major franchise and studio Xbox now owns.

Microsoft has been spending a lot of money recently to bolster its first party…

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  1. I have both a Series X and PS5 and I find the PS5 to be much better still. Looking forward to Horizon Forbidden West, Forspoken, God of War Ragnarok, Final Fantasy 16 and eventually insomniac’s Spider-Man 2 and Wolverine. Can’t wait for The Last of Us remake as well

  2. Funny thing is, you only scratched the surface of the IP treasure trove they got with Activision. If they really start reviving dormant series, like Phil said, they could be having more games than any single person alone could reasonably play. With the Sierra and Infocom IPs alone they could be pushing out story driven games, that already have an established name in the business, for the next decade. Then they have Pitfall, which could easily become the next Uncharted, when done right, Metal Arms just screams for a new game, and maybe add the old one to backwards compatibility. Activision also owns Bizarre Creations, which no longer exist under that name AFAIK, but maybe the people are still there, so why not release a new Project Gotham Racing? This just goes on and on.

  3. i mean bethesda was a good aquistion, those studios under bethesda are top notch tallent and they strive for creativity and inovation before greed, take arkane studios, they could easily make dishonered 3 and would sell like crazy but choose not to as that IP has concluded its story, activision used to be a great publisher when they had studios like neversoft, now they just make the same games on a yearly cycle, how are people still choosing to pay for a new call of duty game every year. well see how it goes, but bethesda fits microsofts eco system, not sure on activitision blizzard

  4. I hope Microsoft puts some of these new 1st party studios to work on IP that's been long-dormant. A modern action/Adventure take on "Pitfall," or "The Last Ninja." Or even bring out "StarCraft Ghost" from the dead and give it a modern twist.

  5. The PlayStation fangirls besides being jealous are also hypocrites since the majority of games that used to be exclusive to playstation consoles have come to Xbox since the first Xbox & then even more with the 360,one & now the series x/s,games like crash,spyro,tomb raider,grand theft auto,etc have been on Xbox consoles for decades & developers don’t care about your bad childhoods,your messed up “thinking” about your blind nostalgia/outdated ways that don’t exist anymore & your obsession with old games & thinking that still applies to this modern world when it doesn’t(when mass effect,the elder scrolls& other games that were exclusives to Xbox came to playstation they thought they were getting everything but now that the tables have turned again they are crying/whining/b*tching like they always do since this time they will be exclusive to Xbox,these are facts.

  6. The list of IPs NOW OWNED by Microsoft/Xbox after acquiring Activision Blizzard.

    – Prototype

    – Spyro the Dragon

    – Crash Bandicoot

    – Call of Duty

    – Tony Hawk's Games

    – True Crime

    – Zork

    – Tenchu

    – Guitar Hero

    – Blur

    – Overwatch

    – StarCraft

    – Warcraft/World of Warcraft

    – Candy Crush

    – Diablo

    – Police Quest/S.W.A.T.

    – Gabriel Knight

    – Laura Bow Mysteries

    – Scarface

  7. I just hope MS manages them better than the previous owners. Blizzard took a massive hit to their reputation since Activision acquired them. Also, how funny would it have been if Bungie was still partnered with them during this acquisition.

  8. Microsoft doesn't own Activision/Blizzard yet. I wouldn't be surprised in the least if this deal falls through or gets blocked for one reason or another. This is talking as if this deal is all done and in the books.

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