ELDEN RING – Taipei Game Show 2022 Full Presentation (Japanese)

Check out the full presentation from the Taipei Game Show 2022 on Elden Ring! This Elden Ring presentation is in Japanese and has some Q&A + breakdowns covering George RR Martin, level design, and PS5 specific features.

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  1. Imagine the not hit runs in 2 years. Someone might do it earlier but this game is massive I'd be impressed af if they do a video within 3 months of release.

  2. Why is it that Japanese games always deliver exactly what it is they’re selling, while all these western developers continue to lie, cheat, steal, and falsely advertise their products? Something’s gotta be said about Japanese work ethic. Truly on a whole different level.

  3. If it’s an RPG Im there. I knew I was getting this a long time ago. Just think. A few short weeks away. I just hope it’s a bit more forgiving than DS and Sekiro.

  4. Wow, the level of freedom is really ambitious. The comparisons to Zelda: Breath of the Wild make even more sense to me after watching this.

  5. So with the game being more co-op like he mentioned. Will it be like dark souls where you can summon a friend to fight a boss or get through an area and that’s about it? Or can you go full co-op and play through the whole thing while each getting the same loot?

  6. I really hope ng plus is really hard or there is a demon bell or something. Sekiro was kind of easy so the demon bell helped a lot. I hope I can make this game harder than it looks right now.

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