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Elden Ring Q&A – Exclusive Hands-On Impressions

SPOILERS FOR THE FIRST 10 HOURS OF ELDEN RING: Join Souls expert Dan Tack as he takes you through his time going hands-on with Elden Ring and lets you know how hyped to be for the game’s February release.

Missed the livestream? Don’t fret, as…

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  1. They told us that 2 hours of Pokemon Legends Arceus then Dan comes with a 2 hours long AMA. Then it almost became a 4 hour event, holy hell! Congrats Dan for pulling though!

  2. Summary (continuously editing):

    Starting classes: Vagabond – Warrior – Hero – Bandit – Astrologer – Prophet – Samurai – Prisoner – Intelligencer
    There are starting gifts
    The game is noticeably more difficult than the Closed Network Test. CNT area loot has been changed
    There is a tutorial boss named 'Grafted Scion'
    Limgrave is 3x the size of CNT. Stormveil Castle can be skipped
    Lots of story and characters. Claims he met more NPCs in his 10 hour session than in entire Souls games
    Different zones have an entirely different aesthetic, atmosphere, and enemy designs.
    Raya Lucaria is a magical castle atop a zone of crystals and ocean creatures. Enemies include giant lobsters, snails, turtle warriors
    Godrick the Grafted (Stormveil Castle boss) has a huge moveset and drops his 'boss soul'
    Margit the Fell drops an additional talisman slot (like rings from Dark Souls). Start game with one talisman slot
    Melina can warp you to the hub, Roundtable Hold where many NPCs already exist and found NPCs can move to
    Pharros Lockstone equivalent from Dark Souls 2
    The ability to summon spirits is given by the Snow Witch (aka Storyteller)
    Moonlight Greatsword and Patches NPC are back
    Desert/badlands region east of Limgrave
    Castle Mourne is an optional mid-sized level in southern Limgrave

  3. I wonder if they fixed backstabs, estus cancel, bow glitch and other glitches, the boring R1 into nothing , and well, all those pvp ingredients

  4. No offense, but during that dragon fight, whoever was playing sucked terribly. It's like they were playing just to say they played. No strategy whatsoever. Are you making these videos to show great gameplay or just to get yourself noticed??

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