Desert Eagle: The Pop Culture Icon Nobody Uses – Loadout

A heavy duty hand cannon with an imposing title and a big bang to match, the Desert Eagle is one of the most famous handguns in history. It appears in hundreds of movies and games, from The Matrix to Call of Duty, Max Payne to Austin Powers, but…

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  1. I have never been more uncomfortable handling a pistol than when I tried to shoot one of these. The most aggressive recoil of any firearm I've ever shot.

  2. I remember using the desert eagle in counter strike 1.6 and mw1 it hits hard and it's my favorite weapon of all time in video games and real life

  3. My wife picked one out. It’s a lot of fun to shoot. But the BEST part is- sharing it at the range. Watching people shoot it for the first time and watching their reactions is worth the $2 pull!

  4. I always thought/assumed that the DD-44 Dostovei from the original Goldeneye 007 video game was based off a Desert Eagle .44 magnum considering the name and the fact that imo, it looks similar. People say the DD-44 Dostovei was based off the TT-33 Tokarev but I don't think it looks much like it at all and looks much more like a Desert Eagle in my opinion.

  5. Special props for including those clips of "La Femme Nikita." Arguably Luc Besson's best movie (ties with Fifth Element for me), and it's great showcase of how to actually do an action thriller with a female lead.

  6. the 50 cals grip is just to big,never felt i had controll of the gun, but deagles can be shot well by hand loaders. the trick isn`t to lower the powder but to use fast burning powder like bullseye which gives high gas preasure but lower speeds. people tend to forget it`s gas operated.

  7. At least this gun does exist. The Jackhammer shotgun was only a concept gun and, ok it's not as ubiquitous, but it's use in games and movies are simply ludicrous, considering it probably never worked well.

  8. Hold up, I am still on the opening statement here but that, to me, seems to be the point of the dessert eagle in pop culture. It is only seen in escentric characters hands and not in every movie at that.

  9. Fun fact. The US SF use whatever guns they want. I highly doubt any of them use a DE, but if they did you wouldn't necessarily know it.

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