Canceled Star Wars 1313 Game Footage Released | GameSpot News

New footage Of canceled Star Wars 1313 game is revealed, Hyper Scape servers are shutting down April 28, and Xbox Games With Gold Free Games for February 2022 revealed.

In this video, DeVante talks about new footage of the canceled Star Wars:…

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  1. I mean Jedi fallen order wasn’t too far from Star Wars uncharted, albeit a bit less linear… so I mean we did get Star Wars uncharted

  2. considering how loved jedi fallen order is and how it proved that quality single player star wars games are still wanted, if 1313 gets revived and made for next gen while getting the same AAA quality fallen order did, i think it would be an amazing game and would sell very well

  3. @ 0:16 man I could just see this game with new graphics, and this mission starts in this area with a thunderstorm and pouring rain. Wish game developers came closer to making the games feel more realistic and new.

  4. The cancellation of 1313 (especially with Amy Hennig) is one my of the events of my 30+ year gaming career i'm most bitter about.

  5. So they released unseen gameplay footage after announcing earlier this week that EA was making 3 Star Wars games, 1 Jedi game, 1 fps game and 1 strategy game? This makes me think they released the footage for a reason… seems like they might already have their FPS game in mind, no? Could it be that obvious? Maybe…

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