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Call Of Duty Will Still Release On PlayStation, Call Of Duty Might Stop Being A Yearly Series and Battlefield 2042 Might Go Free-To-Play.

In this video, DeVante talks about Microsoft Gaming CEO Phil Spencer tweeting about the future of Call of…

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  1. Honestly I couldn’t care less how long it takes to release, this yearly thing needs to stop, it’s literally killing cod, which i love and have been playing for nearly 11 years

  2. So long call of duty stays on PlayStation that's fine with me. And far as the call of duty doing games every three to two year's that's fine also then I can save money and I don't have to buy it every year.

  3. I haven’t played battlefield since release and I bought it…so I’d be angry if they made it free to play rather than fixing it and making it playable.

  4. Letting COD be available on Playstation at full price vs day one GP on Xbox will put even more pressure on Playstation instead of helping them. Especially for those who "need" to get every COD could see the advantage of the subscription model at Xbox. This is only my honest opinion but hey future will tell if i'm correct or not

  5. The side-effect of stopping yearly CoD releases is all the support studios that were working on CoD under Activision, can now make their own games. Studios like Toys for Bob, Raven Software, and others that gave us great games before EA consolidated them and forced them to work in support of just one franchise.

  6. Y’all not reading enough into Phil’s words ? the games that are contractually agreed on will come out and the games aren’t leaving the store. The new COD games won’t be on PS once the contracts are up. Warzone will be used to get people into the Xbox eco system if they want more COD

  7. Newsflash! Microsoft doesn't and wont own anything untill the deal goes through, and thus cannot legally change anything at all until after that. This is quite literally a non story.

  8. Considering that most online games are constantly updated with new content over time, it only makes sense that COD should do the same thing instead of dropping support for the next yearly release. MW 2019 had a great new engine to build off of, and Cold War had a pretty good zombies experience, shoehorning both of those things into Vanguard which seemed half baked on release just shows that the games and the developers would benefit from this change

  9. Within the next 2 1/2 CID will only be in Xbox and PC. People need to read between the lines. It's embarrassing it has to be said, the moment the deal is finalized COD will be exlusive to Xbox. It will no longer be a third party title. Legitimately one of the biggest IPs able to stay on PS??? Stop lying to yourselves. Microsoft didn't drop 70B for nothing.

    If that is the case Activision is no longer tied down to making COD only titles… I guess we have to wait and see what new IPs that will be announced.

  10. Something tells me that EA won't have an choice but to make BF2042 F2P to save it. Call Of Duty needs more time to develop before being release (Black Ops Cold War & Vanguard are examples of that). If making Microsoft buying Activision Blizzard in order to put it an end to annual release, so be it.

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