Best Speed Running Moments From GDQ

Want to see how to beat games fast? Games Done Quick, or GDQ, is an annual event showcasing the best speed running in video games has to offer. Whether it be playing Punch-Out!! Blindfolded or some of the best runs we’ve ever seen in games like…

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  1. To the person reading this comment
    You are awesome & hope you are having a great 2022

    My dream is to hit 2k I hope you can help me accomplish my dreams….?❣❣❣❣❣❣❣||

  2. Blindfold speedrun are so mad. The amount of time behind knowing the game that well ? could probably get a masters degree in the same time.

    Edit* Sekiro blindfolded WHAT!?!?

  3. Gamespot finally milking GDQ LOL. Got to love channels like this making awful videos of other peoples content and getting money for it!

  4. Was browsing YouTube and randomly caught this video, saw I was featured in here and was very surprised and honored. Glad I could help add some fun to GDQ from the SMW community!

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