Battlefield 2042’s Rush Mode Disappears Despite Fan Outcry | GameSpot News

In this episode of GameSpot News, we talk about Rush mode being taken out of Battlefield 2042’s featured playlist, Mario Kart 9 reportedly being in development, and E3 2022 opting for being online only instead of in-person. 

In this video,…

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  1. I simply don't get it…how can developers know what the fans want and then remove said mode/feature. Do they not want their game to succeed?

  2. They deleted it because the player numbers keep dropping. A way to fill the other game modes. Simple as that. „Damage control“! What a promising failure. EA destroys dice‘s reputation. Played it for the first time today. What a mess! I’m glad I didn’t pay anything because of free trial weekend. Now I know what the fuzz is all about…?

  3. Dice ist dead since bf4 the franchise went Downhill. I don't bother anymore with buying ea games. They are just overall bad and buggy af.

  4. I wanted to play Batttlefiled 2042 because I thought the Battlefield Bad Company 2 maps were going to include destruction. They don’t. So I have switched over to playing Insurgency Sandstorm because the guns work a million times better than the weapons in 2042. If you think Battlefield 2042 feels too arcade-like, give Sandstorm Insurgency a try,

  5. You morons gave this game a 7/10, by the way. It’s basically journalistic malpractice to grant a score like that to a game so diabolically bad. Shame on you.

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