AMD 2022 Product Premiere CES 2022 Livestream

Watch CEO Dr. Lisa Su present the AMD 2022 Product Premiere on January 4th, 2022, highlighting upcoming computing and graphics solutions from AMD and its partners, and showcase how AMD will drive best-in-class high-performance computing…

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  1. What an interesting times we situates in. After an years of praying and numbers of sacrificed engineers and managers to Computer Science Gods from AMD, as far as we can see, they prays had been heard and accepted.
    There are perfect times are released to AMD by Fortune for getting all achievements, redistributing market, conquering new horizons, developing new manufacturing AMD dreams of. The fail of Intel with thread Ryzen, the world spreading crisis of microchips, crisis of electronic components, crisis of containers (not lxc, real containers) amplifier by pandemia – completely ruined main Intel's processes of products lifecycles.

    On the one hand, rarely you would be forgiven by descendants in case of fail, I guess. On the other hand, In my opinion, in case of vice versa results the names of C-layer managers would be written with a gold letters into the industry history.
    The only one thing is clear today – the AMD has deserved that chance by the hard working.
    Good luck.

  2. The RX 6500XT for 199,- is an great prize ! It's an amazing GPU for that prize ! Why are people so sad? It to no use for miners, But it is still, on average, over 20% faster than an GTX 1650, which still goes for over 350,- NEW !!! and around 200,- on the 2nd hand market ! All that for just 199,- ? It's just an amazing good prized GPU ! I'm glad they didn't go over 4Gb Vram, because than, MINERS would love them and would buy them all up ! The RX 6500XT is just perfect for normal easy going gamers ! It's more than enough for e-sport games ! I'm buying 1 for sure, just to wait until GPU prizes go down to "normal" levels ! For the time being, It is at least much better than my HD 7970 ! And when prices go to normal, I would be happy to buy an RX 6800XT, or maybe even an RX 7700XT ๐Ÿ˜‰

  3. How do people thing the 6800u / zen3 mobile chips will compare to the Alder Lake P intel chips (15-25w range)? Debating which will make the most sense for mid-range laptops. Not interested in the H/higher power 45w+ chips. Outside of graphics the 6800u seems like a pretty mediocre performance jump compared to the 5800u (+11% ST / +28% MT). At least their graphics will have full av1 hardware decode now.

  4. 2021 was probably great for you guys selling all your products to Miners and Scalpers. It wasnโ€™t a great year for us gamers that tried to buy cards at MSRP. Iโ€™m sure I speak for most gamers here that we donโ€™t care what new products you give us in 2022 because it will be the same as last year with nothing in stock. Fix your availability first before coming out with new productsโ€ฆโ€ฆ
    You need to talk about stock issues rather than new products.
    Yo a new RX6500XT at $199? NOT, scalpers will resale for $500+

  5. So the newest Ryzen 7 will continue to work on current motherboard sockets? AMD 's naming for their cpus and gpus are confusing. So I'm guessing they will then release a Ryzen 9 in 2023?

  6. does anyone know if the 3D V-cache improves performance on DCC applications like Maya or Blender?

    Was thinking about getting a 5950x but a 15% bump in performance is quite impressive if it also helps out content creators.

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