20 MORE Things You STILL Didn't Know In Zelda Breath Of The Wild

We’re not slowing down anytime soon! This time we take a look at new ways to detonate bomb arrows, how to smuggle wildlife into the Gerudo Desert, and the hidden meaning behind the Yiga Assassin’s cursed letters!

In the video above, we cover 20…

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  1. On a horse if you charge your attack with a sword it's just a normal attack, but when you charge your attack while holding a spear Link spins it around his head

  2. i'd like to give a shoutout to RinHara5aki for all of the delightful link expressions they've found for all of these videos. they always make me smile 🙂

  3. Tbh I like concept mipha better. Idk I just ain't a fan of the in game design. Bit the concept is really cool, and imo makes her look much kinder as opposed to the bright red.

  4. I have just over 200 hours in botw
    1- Knew they didn’t go off in rain, didn’t know the rest.
    2- didn’t know
    3- didn’t know
    4- didn’t know
    5- didn’t know
    6- knew
    7- knew both points
    8- didn’t know
    9- knew about the bomb arrow glitch, didn’t know about the height
    10- didn’t know
    11- knew about the boomerang glitch, didn’t know about the special stuff
    12- didn’t know
    13- didn’t know
    14- knew
    15- didn’t know about the videos
    16- didn’t know at all
    17- knew, might’ve known side note
    18- didn’t know at all
    19- knew
    20- didn’t know at all

  5. Has anybody reported this one yet?? If you have your ancient weapons ready for Guardian-Leg choppin, you can dash attack the Guardians at the bottom of the Maze in the corner of the map and they’ll sometimes or usually recoil backwards and fall through the floor for some reason. It’s pretty funny to see

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