15 Things You Never Knew About Uncharted

The Uncharted franchise is about many things, but secrets and treasure might be at the top of that list. Here are 15 things you may not know about the series. 

Since the first game in 2007, the Uncharted series from Naughty Dog has been packing…

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  1. at a buffet, i personally sneak corndogs into the buffet so others can enjoy them. I hide 6 corndogs in my jacket pockets. it then, is a joy for me to see other patrons of the establishment eat my corndogs thinking they were part of the buffet.

  2. I've played the ENTIRE Uncharted series, first on XBOX then on PS4 and PS5. this is hands down one of my fave games. RDR2 is right underneath. I don't see myself not playing this series anytime soon.

  3. I kinda feel like the actors could have been like swapped out and in like Chris Pratt could have been drake might have been weird but I think it's a bit better than Nathan fillon sense I always think of him as buck from halo and mark I feel like if he doesn't have a lot of bad jokes and sounds like an angry guy from Boston like in TF:AOE and maybe does something with his hair to make him look more like Sam I would like it

  4. Man I Souls have loved to Play an Uncharted Game about Sully and Sam. Sully is my favourite Charakter in the series the guy is so lovable and considarate which makes it more sad

  5. They could've made this movie base after the last game. This has the worst cast ever nobody looks anything from the games. I'll pass on video game movies.

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