13 Things We Wish We Knew Before Playing Rainbow Six Extraction

Rainbow Six Extraction is a challenging co-op spinoff from Rainbow Six Siege. We walk you through 13 tips on how to keep your favorite operators alive in their fight against aliens.

Rainbow Six Extraction reimagines the tight, team-focused world…

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  1. You can melee those green things off of team mates and if nobody is around to get them off yourself you can throw a nade at your feet and it will take care of them and somehow your nades don't hurt you. You can use any kind of nade to do this.

  2. The Blue part of your HP decreases at 1 per 10 seconds, so it is best if all players advance. Otherwise you are putting yourself in unneeded danger

  3. I bought this game day one release and it’s fun with the right team and second solo is not easy it’s best to go in with a team and do the objectives

  4. playing solo is actually better than a trio as it makes the enemys dumb and its easier in general, i completed new york solo and didnt die or get injured that much, DO YOUR RESEARCH!!!!!

  5. You wouldn't recommend solo? What?! Solo Extraction one if the most intense things you will ever play and if you're any good you can rack up insane scores by yourself. Playing co-op is great but so is solo.

  6. I personally don’t encourage suppressors due to the damage reduction. Use it on your secondary and leave your primary with a muzzle break. The extra damage makes all the difference in Alaska and Mexico

  7. I solo as in “completely on my own”
    In the easiest difficulty I can finish all objectives and extract with full health.

    I’m now going through on a harder difficulty to get used to it and the I’ll move up once It get easier

    Learning to play completely solo helps when playing with others so I can count on my survival when things get tough or team go down.

  8. Make sure to bunt the breachers and bloaters with your gun or melee with your knife. Staggers them into a safe distance away from you and they automatically explode after the stagger. You can also pop a few rounds into their body when you stagger them, leading them to not explode and maintain your stealth

  9. This game is a guilty pleasure for me, i don’t understand why it’s so hated, then again I didn’t buy the game I’m playin on gamepass so that could be the difference

  10. Pings and the chat wheel are sufficient to play without a mic… You can say you're low on ammo, or need a med kit, etc via the chat wheel. Also, if hold the touch pad (select key) you can type whatever you want.

  11. 1. Alaska is Severe by default. Alert nests to find tormentors. Only shoot black projectile.
    2. Suppressor damage reduction is too high to justify having it on your primary. Suppress your secondary only and save primary for alerted areas.
    3. Takedowns give more exp than shooting. Especially on nests. Shoot only when tactically necessary or speed running.
    4. React tech resupplies barricades and your utility as well.
    5. Don’t try to melee or takedown Apexes.

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