11 Stupidly Hard Bosses in Video Games

Who designed these, and why do I enjoy the suffering so much? From Mike Tyson of Punch-Out!! to Absolute Radiance of Hollow Knight, and delving into FromSoftware games like Sekiro and Bloodborne, here are some of the most challenging and…

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  1. Three tries for Orphan of Kos. I find From games as hard as anyone, Sekiro’s final boss took me three days of trying(probably 2-3 hours a day), but for some reason I just walked through Bloodborne. Lady Maria I took out first try. The only boss that took me more than five tries was Ludwig.

  2. This guy is funny. I have not been into a lot of the new GameSpot cast members but this man is great. Shouts out to Sekiro. Absolute Radiance looks insane. I am surprised not see stuff like Boshy or Wings Of Vi

  3. Why are there no Monster Hunter bosses on the list? Fatalis, Alatreon, G-rank deviants, Furious Rajang and so on are some of the hardest bosses in gaming. I've heard countless stories of GU and Iceborne players being stuck on them for literal months.

  4. I feel you on the memory cards. I got to the 4th disc of FF9 and then my memory card got corrupted. gg. And I KNEW you were gonna say either Emerald or Ruby Weapons when you brought up FF7 lol. I tried Emerald Weapon once, got nuked, and was like "nope". I faired better against Ruby Weapon, but don't think I downed it. And Sigma in MMX? Dang…I just started that gauntlet of a stage last night lol. I'm finally started going through all the X/Zero/ZX games as part of my 2022 "resolution" lol.

    Also, I love to discuss Sekiro boss battles! The great thing about Sekiro's combat is that since it is so rythmic, everyone sort of gets challenged differently by different bosses. We're all different dancers, right? Me in particular, I thought Lady Butterfly (for where she is in the game) and the true Corrupted Monk were harder than Isshin the Sword Saint.

    However, I sorta "cheesed" (debatable if it's actually cheese) the last 2 phases of ItSS… ? I did the Forsen tactic of just running in circles and waiting til he does an air attack to circle around and hit him. It was still a hard, memorable fight (took me 22 attempts plus a handful of instant restarts) and I used my one and only sweet rice ball when I downed him. If you're in it, you're in it!

  5. I fought shell and nail through Hollow Knight’s challenges; Path of Pain, Trial of the Fool, the Nail Sage, and Nightmare King Grimm. But the Pure Vessel I couldn’t defeat, even at the practice statue.

  6. Ninja Gaiden was truly brutal but imo The Pure Vessel in Hollow Knight takes the reins as hardest boss in the game…It took me a long time to beat him and even though I can still beat him it’s not consistent and I get so mad because he always gets me at least 3 times meaning I have to go through the whole pantheon of hollownest multiple times to finally beat it…

  7. had me real worried for a second when you mentioned ninja gaiden in a top most difficult boss fight video. luckily you gave the reward to the super hard old ones, and not the new ones thats only hard after you beaten the game several times to unlock new difficultys:P

  8. I am really glad you included an entry from Enter the Gungeon. That is one of my favorite games of all time for it’s ludicrous diversity, wonderful visuals, nostalgic inventory and guns and items and brutal difficulty. The rat king was definitely extremely difficult. But make no mistake, the Lich was also quite hard. I think he is more manageable though because by that point in the game, you are way more beefed up whereas with the rat, you are not as close to being that powerful. Still, it definitely depends on your run. I have 200+ hours in that and Exit the Gungeon combined.

  9. The ancient dragon in dark souls 2 took me 8 hours. He’s a tough fight but there’s a gauntlet of enemies in the room before him that make getting to him tougher. I kept killing them until they stopped spawning.

    I never beat mike Tyson. That fight is brutal lol.

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