10 Things You Never Knew About Pokémon

From Mew almost never existing, to Satoru Iwata adding in Gen 2’s most beloved feature, here are 10 things you might not know about the Pokémon franchise.

Pokémon has had plenty of fun stories and interesting tidbits throughout its lifetime….

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  1. I’ve been always wanting to dive to discover something that’s really new , so that way y’all will get to know about it from me.

    But I jus wish that there is a game , like where I can make something from in game so I can help other Pokémon Trainers.

  2. Best Pokemon trivia? Probably the fact that night slash is a dumbed down name of tsujigiri, translated in english as cross road killing, a reference of the samurai testing their blades on commoners during the edo period, a time when the samurai power was unchecked. Good reason why it's an evil type move, and a reason why Cacturne looks like a ronin as night slash was probably its signature move.

  3. There's a reason why all your clips were older games, the newest ones are nowhere near the quality of the older titles.
    If I watch a playthrough of the new one when it comes out and I don't see somebody getting lost in a cave or stuck on a puzzle then its not a good pokemon game.

  4. Trivia: what is the first non-Pokémon animal to appear in the anime?

    Answer: In I think either episode 3 or 4 of the indigo league pidgeotto eats a worm

  5. Everything after Gen 1 was ? should’ve never passed the 151 count with that being said he remembers the Glitch Pokémon you find in the grass by zapdos or the level 500+ snorlax

  6. The "fact" about Iwata shrinking the game size through his compression is a common misunderstanding. His algorithm actually sped up the loading of sprites in battles, but increased the game size slightly, from what I understand. His compression algorithm did not add more space to fit in the extra region.

  7. “Maybe you knew all this already and are super smart”
    Or maybe I’ve already watched all of the DidYouKnow videos about Pokémon that you clearly ripped off?
    Pro tip, if you’re trying to just jump on the bandwagon of the upcoming game try picking facts that haven’t already been told by others YT channels.

    And also I just have to say SERIOUSLY?!?? Your “favorite” Pokémon fact is how the show put hundreds of kids in the hospital from seizures? That’s a bit grim bro!

  8. Whenever a gamespot youtube video says "here are things you don't know about botw" I watch it and learn things I didn't know even after hundreds of hours of gameplay.

    Gamespot makes a youtube video about things I don't know about pokemon and the first thing is something that literally everyone who has googled pokemon history knows. I immediately clicked off. Call it "warm up trivia" or something.

  9. Most of these facts are common knowledge if you started from the beginning or near. A better title is "Cool facts about pokemon" or "facts about pokemon's history."

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