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In this episode of GameSpot News, we talk about why Cyberpunk 2077 has no police chases, a working metro system added to 2077 via mods, how the Xbox is affecting the Halo tournament as well as the next Mass Effect allegedly running on Unreal…

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  1. Trying to put some of the blame on "technical limitations" is hilarious. It's not some groundbreaking leap in game engine technology to make cars chase the player. It's purely the fault of the CDPR project leads and the execs that rushed development because of their incompetence with managing the game.

  2. And yet some people due this day are still defending the outrageous release state of the game at least when it came out for the Xbone and PS4 calling as far as to say "its was excellent game, and i dint experience any issues" when thats blatantly a lie across the board there were so many evidence pointing out how this game managed to lie and mislead in front of people's faces since it came out with its major announcement. I'm glad i never bother to play this game when it came out because of how horrible the technical issues were on those ports and because of the bad taste it left in my mouth i still due this day dont even know if i'll ever give it a chance to play it when its FULLY UPDATED in the future. Maybe the only way it will bring me to the experience is if the developers pulled a "no man sky" or a "Warframe" and they drop it on a DEED DEEED SALE price. In the mean time i dont even want to bother to even rent it even if i wanted too, i'm still mad from that disappointing release date if i'm being honest

  3. I've played and finished cyberpunk but I would like more interaction from the bad guys. I never felt a threat walking around in Night City and that was my biggest problem with the game.

  4. They had all the time in the world to make this game and release it when it was ready.
    They didn't give themselves enough time by setting a date they could never finish the game in time. They chose the timeframe.

  5. CDPR is a company corrupted by success. Lie once, lie twice, lie thrice, and you just can't stop it. And when you can't stop it, you don't want to stop.

  6. I've got a better explanation for it. They have developers who are completely incompetent at coding AI. Just wait a bit and some modder will fix this too for them.

  7. Im really tired of modders fixing and putting stuff in the games and having it work flawlessly for free when AAA companies make millions for giving out dogshit

  8. CDPR: "We're going to delay the game so we can finish development."

    People: "No! Release it now!"

    CDPR: Releases an unfinished, unpolished and unplayable mess due to rushing to Release

    People: ? "Oh my god this is unacceptable and a slap in the face to us consumers."

    CDPR: ?"Bruh"

  9. The spawned pedestrians & motorists is one of the worst things about the game imo. I can see the appeal visually, but it makes the world feel very fake. Eventually I turned them off entirely, preferred the empty streets.

  10. It's just such a joke that basically so many features that make something like GTA V iconic were left out of Cyberpunk because of time. It's just so weird that the investors then sued the company. So you question, who was the release date for? The investors? The customers? Who? Because no one was happy with the release. So why release it, it's so weird.

  11. Sooo can we get an explanation too on why the npc's are not living individual lives and just spawns in around the corner? i mean that was the biggest selling point for me… said as a fact in their official promotion video.

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