We Need To Talk About Alan Wake 2

Kurt Indovina is very excited about Alan Wake 2. Not just because it’s a long awaited sequel, but because Remedy Entertainment is going full-fledged survival horror.

It’s been over a decade since we’ve had the chance to explore the dark and…

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  1. Similarly, I can't watch a Kurt video without having a cup of coffee. Seriously though, great video! Just snagged the remaster to do my first play through of Alan Wake before the sequel.

  2. I had always hoped that it got a sequel, but I always thought it would take longer, now it's just 2 years away along with Deltarune which are right now my top 2 awaited games for the upcoming years x)

  3. I will say I’m a little disappointed that it’s only on PS5 and Xbox exclusive. I just got the remaster version for my PS4.

    I mean I’m super happy for long time fans of the game are finally getting a sequel but for those few like myself who can’t play it cause they don’t own a PS5 it’s a little disappointing

  4. It's going to be crazy to see how the level design and gameplay mechanics are going to handled this time around now that Remedy is working with ray tracing and SSDs for the sequel.

  5. Hi I love your vids but there is one video that I really want you to make I challenge you to make another comic in 1 month I really hope you can do it and make it because your comic book "Dear Sailor" was a really good comic and I want to read more so please make this video please and I wish you the best of luck and god bless you : )

  6. I trust Sam Lake, I don't trust the industry.

    Also Hellblade 2 looks like a literal movie, I have no clue why people are excited for that when they could watch it on youtube for free.

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