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Top 10 Games On PlayStation 5 2021

The PlayStation 5 has been out for just over a year, but what is there to play? Join us as we countdown the Top 10 games on Sony’s flagship console and let you know what are must-plays in 2021!

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  1. Returnal is on my must-have titles when I eventually get a PS5 but still there's not a single game that makes me want to buy the system. I played Demon's Souls on PS3 (still have my copy), Resident Evil Village is available on PS4 and the leap doesn't justify the purchase of the system. I think Final Fantasy XVI will be the one to push me over the edge, but I think I have a lot of time until that gets released… Might as well enjoy my OLED Switch 🙂 (and I have a shitton of games for PS1,2,3,4, Wii, GameCube, OG Xbox, DS and PSP I haven't even touched…) Do I need a PS5? Not for a while…

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