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Top 10 Games of 2021

Whether it’s the triumphant return of AAA juggernauts or indies that filled our hearts with wonder and joy, 2021 was a banner year for video games. Join Game Informer as we rank the best of the best from the year that was and let you know what…

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  1. I'd have to disagree that Halo Infinite deserves to be the 2021 GOTY as there were so many better games this past year. Is Halo fun? Sure, but it's just a glorified rehash of everything its done before. There were many games with better graphics, stories, and gameplay this year. Halo is only GOTY because the fan boys have been salivating for a new Halo for years.

  2. I love these videos but I have a few issues here:

    1. The lack of good games on next gen is crazy. Other than Demon's Souls and Ratchet & Clank (a 2021 game better than all games on this list btw), all of them are not worth their full retail price – not even close.

    2. This list is way too positive about fairly mediocre games – like Deathloop. RE Village isn't even that good tbh.

  3. I'm enjoying Halo Infinite's single-player, I like the open world approach(although I wish they'd really gone for it and left more of the Halo tropes behind). But GOTY for me is comfortably Returnal, by a huge distance. Not just the best game this year but one of the greatest action games ever made.

  4. Halo infinite is good but not great like halo 1-3, ODST and reach. It's better than 5 for sure but its nowhere near Bungie's Halo. Fanboys need to realize that there is nothing special about Infinite. The fact that you're still using the old halo soundtrack over infinite gameplay proves my point. I love Halo but I couldn't be bothered to finish Infinite. been there done that.

  5. Halo infinite single player has SINGLE handily brought me out of a gaging drought that I've been in for the last year. We waited 6 years and it has not and still isn't disappointing

  6. Halo Infinite as GotY is simply baffling to me. Empty Open World without interesting quests, only one biome, a story that feels like a tease. The game will get better in time. But right now, it simply isn‘t GotY material. This will not age well.

  7. Psychonauts 1 was great but felt more like it belonged as a cartoon or movie, not a video game. Psychonauts 2 on the other hand is a joy to play through. Double Fine should be commended, as well as Microsoft for apparently giving them a blank check to make exactly the game they wanted.

  8. Halo was ok definitely 343 best but still nowhere near the original trilogy. There are so many bugs and missing content for how long they developed and how much there is invested in it.

  9. Not shocked that Halo is number 1 at all, a close second to Returnal for me. I am absolutely astonished at how high RE8 is on this list tho, truly boggled lol. Can’t wait to get it on sale and give it a go despite watching 2 play throughs of it already

  10. good watch, very well done. I appreciate the writing for the dialogue, and the video seems to be gameplay and not just standard announcement trailers. excellent !

  11. Halo at number one? Urg, don't make me vomit… so many better games released this year. Don't agree with this list at all. Inscription? The fuck is that? You leave out Kena and Ratchet entirely. But you include that woke rubbish Life is strange – that looks like it has some of the worst writing in the industry.

    What a stupid list in general.

  12. I own It takes two but there is no one else that I can play with,anyone who wants to play with me just replay this comment,I play with ps5 and I can share the whole game with anyone else.I really want to play that game 😣

  13. I remember having a Game Informer magazine subscription around 2008-9. I was soo excited to receive them in the mail! Great times!

  14. 6 years of waiting for halo infinite. Worth it.
    The enemies are great. I actually have to watch out for certain guys and change strategy on the fly now. Those brute berserkers in particular are… lets just say on legendary, I'd rather face a hunter.

  15. Guilty Gear, Ratchet, and Hitman 3 were done dirty, but damn that editing on the Halo segment though……… Almost enough to make up for that lol

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