The Matrix Awakens: Unreal Engine Experience Gameplay Demo

Check out the gameplay demo for The Matrix Awakens an Unreal Engine Experience. This was unveiled during the Game Awards 2021 livestream that fans were able to play at the conclusion of the stream.

This gameplay demo was captured on Xbox Series…

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  1. The unreal mapping is just well unreal but it lacks full creative control, if they can produce a gameplay of basically indistingushable to reality scale of actions then it will be very close to reality and Yes I will play this ?

  2. и после Киберпанк2077 как-то уже и не жду ничего интересного от этой темы… Ну, очередную стрелялку сделают, хотя их и так полно…

  3. I particular interested with that clothing physic & deformation (look at the T-shirt & suit) & hair physic showcased in the early part. It's insanely good.
    Will we even get that kind of physic simulation in common games is another matter… Clothing & hair are always two elements that appear very rigid in games, or plague with collision / clipping problems… I do hope to see this is no longer an issue in the future.

  4. A few more versions and it’ll be close to perfect. Once they figure out how to duplicate the voice and not require voice acting, it’ll be scary

  5. It seems like there is now a universal law that states: the better a video game GFX are, the dumbest its gameplay is. I feel ashamed for the people who "designed" this gameplay.

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