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The Game Awards 2021 Predictions | GI Show

The hot streak continues as we have another banger on this week’s episode of The Game Informer Show! Join the crew as they take out their crystal balls and predict not only what games will win at The Game Awards 2021 but what reveals we have in…

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  1. It's a little underwhelming that some of you guys did 0 research for this. Not knowing the voting split, as well as Dan arguing against Elden Ring, without knowing these same 5 games were there last year (for most anticipated) and Elden Ring won by a mile.

  2. You should get double points if everyone votes one way, and you break the mold and end up being correct.

    Also I'm all for Kim's conspiracy corner. Get her a tin foil hat with the GI logo on it lol

  3. Starfield is hands down my most anticipated game of 2022 and of the past 5 years. No contest and nothing even comes close to making me as excited.

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