THE GAME AWARDS 2021 Livestream

Tune in to THE GAME AWARDS 2021, video game’s biggest night live on Thursday, December 9! Join us from Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles for awards, world premieres, and musical performances from Sting, Imagine Dragons and The Game Awards…

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  1. This was the worst game awards I've ever seen. Watched a total of 10 mins and skipped the rest. For me all the games looked terrible….bring on god of war ragnarok.

  2. TAKE TWO is fresh and somehow understandable to win Goty (fresh / new games tend to beat AAA / sequels, unless the AAA game got over the whole board 10/10s..)
    .. but still TAKE TWO (as many Indie games) feels at times like mix of "best of Nintendo gameplay" elements
    … imo Deathloop (or Metroid Prime with its "Metrovania" perfection and unique Dread components!) should have won Goty.., both also have "fresh" elements too

  3. Though hoped Metroid Dread would win goty
    (or Deathloop, which besides Takes Two were 2 the favourites).., but still nice too see a smaller team win goty once in a while (like TWD back than)

  4. 3:52:00 gotta love the virtue signaling of these insecure black folks bring politics into the video game space. Keep that stuff on the news networks, entertainment is a safe space, and escape from reality, not a hub for your divisive politics. I’m black, and don’t need another race of people to accept me, that’s just being loser.

  5. Congratz to all winner and nominee
    Im glad ff14 won best ongoing agames and best comunity support, that game is awesome

    Cant wait for more on the sonic game and im definitly interested to hear about the star wars and the suicide squad games

  6. ok i know you dont really do anything slightly challanging to beat it but im still surprised artful escape didnt win anything neither did psychonauts 2

  7. Let’s see if the Texas chain saw don’t get slapped up side the head with a blasted lawsuit like Friday the 13th did man did that game have potential

  8. Genshin impact deserve the best mobile game awards congrats ? not gonna lie genshin impact graphics, gameplay and storyline is the best

    Anyway congrats to final fantasy for winning the best ongoing game awards

  9. Idk I’m very hesitant now of Star Wars games when they show anything regarding that franchise in gaming because you don’t know if it’s one gonna be talked about for a few months then never happens or two waiting forever to hear anything or lastly rumor oh it’s canceled then not oh wait it’s back on then just canned all together then hopes completely dashed

  10. 20:30 they have no clue that the hard drive options for the ps5 are waaaaaay cheaper than the new Xbox series. 1tb for the PROPRIETARY nvme SSD for the new series X is about $200, while you can get a 3rd party nvme ssd (pcie 4) for ps5 for at least $50 less. They clearly are uninformed for being “gamers.” And for maybe $25-50 more, there are nvme pcie 4 ssds that can be bought and it’s 2tb compared to 1tb for Xbox.

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