The Game Awards 2021 Full Presentation

Check out The Game Awards 2021. From Sting’s opening performance to the results of Game of the Year at the Game Awards hosted by Geoff Keighley.

The Game Awards and Keighley himself have been teasing what’s to come at this year’s event via…

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  1. The audio towards the end no longer matches the video. I'm basically using this video to find titles so I know what clips to search for. A bit frustrating.

  2. Worst show direction I've ever seen in my life, everything is so random and cringy af… Things pop out of nowhere and seems like people don't want to be there. So sad.

  3. Found out how ignorant I am about what an Independent game means when I heard Kena's speech thanking Sony and Epic Games. I always thought independent meant you didn't have those companies backing you.

  4. Feels disappointed that they didn't get the orchestra to perform at least a soundtrack from the best Music nominee, I mean whichever nominated or won the award, there's a reason why the music is so good, and they should have promote one or two to the audience.

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