The Expanse Reveal Trailer | Game Awards 2021

Telltale Games is back. The acclaimed narrative choose-your-own-adventure developer returns with the dark sci-fi adventure based off the hit telveision show The Expanse. This trailer was revealed during the Game Awards 2021 livestream.

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  1. Drummer could be the new Lara Croft phenomenon, now just the other way around. Not from a video game character to a real life person, but from a real life person to a video game character ?

  2. I hope telltale add some more gameplay to it, i mean real gameplay besides the dialogue option, not just point and clicking q the entire time like they did in the old days. And also if this is going to be a choice based game, i hope the choices matter this time.

  3. I hope they get more games in the future like RPGs or MMO. Thinking a combo of; dangerous elite(ship design, combat)+ kerbal space program(physics sim)+ cyberpunk(atmosphere and rpg mechanics)+ and fallout 4(settlement building rpg mechanics). Belter life!!!

  4. The most disappointing thing about this is the views. Its cliche to say this but it deserves more! I say that because so many people complain "there's nothing good coming out nowadays" and this show is here and barely any word or attention towards it.

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