The Best Game Awards 2021 Trailers

We check out the best trailers from the Game Awards 2021.

The Game Awards 2021 has wrapped up, and in this video we’re taking a look at the best trailers from the event. We got some surprise announcements, including world premiere trailers and…

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  1. WHY U DONT MAKE A VIDEO ABOUT OUTRIDERS TEHY JUST DONT PAY INOFF ? OR U WAS NOT CONTACTED? i forgot to check the real good game play xp .for the players .

  2. That's some serious gore and violence in these trailers. I'm not a gamer, but I've always had an interest in the development in graphics and stories in games. But wow… if I'd ever get a console, I stick with Sonic and some racing games.

  3. +1 for Space Marine 2! the amount of detail so amazing feels like those know deep the 40k lore made this, unlike other 40k games (except SM1/ Dawn of War 1 series), and the only game highlighted in CAPITAL LETTERS on gamespot's description speaks for itself. the most awaited game for 10 years after that already amazing Space Marine 1.

  4. HELP!

    I was watching a vid when ad came on. I usually skip ads like most people, but this one looked interesting so I continued past the 5 second skip mark. But about 10-15 secs in, I accidentally clicked another vid and couldn’t get the same ad after going back to the previous.

    I think this ad was for a game, hence I’m here looking at recent game trailers.

    It opened with some molten steel running down in a forge, then a old guy with a big nose is shown (I think picking up the weapon he just made)…then I recall it cutting to a girl sitting alone with something in her hand before another purple looking girl with dark folded bat like wings approaches her and puts her hand on her shoulder…then a wide shot of them in an orange rocky outer-cave like setting…

    I hope this description helps as continue my search to find whatever this was…

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