Star Wars: Eclipse Cinematic Reveal Trailer | Game Awards 2021

Reveal cinematic trailer for Quantic Dream’s Star Wars: Eclipse. The game is set in the High Republic era of Star Wars and is currently in early development

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  1. А в чём прикол синематика в котором 80 процентов кадров просто копипаста из приквелов? Лучшеб подождали и показали геймплейный трейлер. На красивые картинки можно и на тематических сайтах смотреть

  2. Everyone speculating wildly about what this game will be, clearly aren't familiar with Quantic Dream. It's going to be a choice-based story game with minimal gameplay elements, just like Detroit: Become Human or Heavy Rain.

  3. When it comes out, it will probably be so bad. They just hype us up with their trailers showing off like BF2042 did and then they will just reck us in the end. I hope this is not the case. I hope they do make a good game like Jedi Fallen Order.

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