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Star Wars Eclipse, Alan Wake 2, And The Game Awards 2021 Reactions | GI Show

What did we think of Star Wars Eclipse, Alan Wake 2, and the rest of The Game Awards 2021? Join us as we discuss the highs and lows of one of the industry’s biggest nights on this episode of The GI Show!

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  1. Things I liked about Game Awards 2021:

    Final Fantasy 14 wins Best Ongoing Game. A Realm Reborn indeed, the greatest comeback in the history of gaming.

    Cuphead DLC.

    Interesting new Elden Ring trailer.

    New look at Horizon 2.

    Final Fantasy 7 Remake coming to PC.

    Warhammer 40K: Space Marine 2 with Rollo from History Channel's Vikings voicing the main character.

    Alan Wake 2 FINALLY.

    Metroid: Dread wins Best Action-Adventure game of 2021.

    Things I was sad about Game Awards 2021:

    Metroid: Dread didn't win GOTY.

    Psychonauts 2 walks away empty-handed.

    Things I was okay with about Game Awards 2021:

    It Takes Two wasn't my pick for GOTY but I'm happy it won nonetheless as it is a quality game. Poetic Justice for creator Josef Feres after Take Two Interactive recently filed a [email protected]$t lawsuit against him & his game because Take Two thinks that It Takes Two is stealing their name. Very happy that Josef got the last laugh tonight with his much deserved GOTY win.

    Things I hated about Game Awards 2021:

    Geoff Keighly refuses to call out activision-blizzard by name during his opening speech regarding all the real-life horror stories that have come out regarding the horrific treatment & abuse of gaming studio employees & developers at the hands of corrupt executives and studio managers & HR. Keighly is a [email protected]$king coward.

    No Nintendo trailers & reveals at all.

    No new God of War: Ragnarok trailer.

    Deathloop winning Best Game Direction & Art Direction??? Really???

    Yet again they rush thru several award categories with zero fanfare. This is why I can't fully take The Game Awards seriously. You never see that lazy crap done at other award shows.

    Mobile award categories.

    Neil Druckman.

    Halo Infinite wins People's Choice GOTY??? WTF??? I get that the Single Player Campaign & gameplay has been widely acclaimed but the game has also been widely criticized for its awful progression system & strong hints at how they're going to aggressively push stinkin' microtransactions by blatantly making the game extra grinding via the aforementioned awful progression system plus the game actually refusing to let players pick the game mode they want to play which is just insane. Sucks that fans are totally overlooking Halo Infinite's worrying quality-threatening problems & rewarding it the way they did.

    Things I was annoyed with about Game Awards 2021:

    Who hell is Nate Hill and why did they keep featuring this guy repeatedly thru out the entire show???

    Way too many eSports award categories.

  2. I skipped The Game Awards this year – I just feel this was a weak year for new games. Seems like so much of the industry is tied up in either lousy business practices, toxic work environments, rushing out unfinished broken games for retail prices, or some unholy combination.

  3. I think the Game Awards are lame af but I liked all the reveals. I didn't play 99% of what was nominated anyways. I don't think most normal people who play games play more than a couple games a year anyways.

  4. I disagree with you got completely about Quantic Dream I think their games are very complex and well-made a lot of people of Detroit because the story was very engaging and had interesting themes. The writing was solid. They've also taken care of all their internal issues and are in a much better place as well

  5. I liked Slitterhead, Evil West, Have a Nice Death, Alan Wake 2, Wonder Woman, Star Wars Eclipse, SteelRising, Nightingale, TUNIC, Arc Raiders, Planet of Lana, Space Marine 2, Somerville.

  6. I think 2021 is the 2014 gaming year of this decade, I bet in 2030 looking back at the 10 years between 2020 & 2029 we'll belief 2021 was the bottom feed to every other in comparison

  7. I couldn’t agree more with John’s take that the Game Awards should be more about honoring the games that came out this past year. I know the announcements are what keeps the show going and that’s why a lot of gamers tune in. I don’t think they should remove those entirely, but they really give the nominees the short end of the stick when they fly through some of these categories without showing any clips or letting the winners have their moment on stage.

    I know they’re nowhere near as popular, but the DICE and BAFTA game awards early next year always do a good job of shining a spotlight on each category and it’s nominees. Lol I’m also one of those Film Twitter people that Alex mentioned that was gobsmacked when I heard the Oscars were going to cut editing and cinematography from the telecast a few years ago, so maybe I’m in the minority here.

  8. Ahhh yes the very fresh and original take in video game journalism that Quantic Dream has bad games lmao. You all seriously circle jerk each other into having almost the same exact thoughts and ideas. Disappointing really.

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